Thursday, October 13, 2011

8 Weeks Old Today

Where has the time gone?? I can't believe how fast the time has gone. It seemed to fly by in a blur.

Things are going really well. He's finally starting to settle into a routine which is great (he was waking every 1-2 hrs).

I'm combining breast and bottle feeding. I was exclusively breastfeeding, but it was a bit hard to constantly feed bubs when I still have 3 other kiddies at home. Since doing this, he has been a lot more settled.

He sometimes has trouble with passing and bringing up wind, which is new to me, none of my others had any trouble lol.

He is VERY fussy (like his dad) we think we've figured out what he likes or what soothes him, but the next day it's something different.

He loves his cuddles and loves watching his brothers and sister.

The kids are great with him. Miss 4.5 always asks to ''baby sit'' bubs. The older 2 will often give him his dummy or bottle, or turn the swing on for him. Mr 3 loves fetching his bouncer :)

My husband has been excellent. He will get up to the older kids in the morning and lets me have a sleep in if I want (which in a way is not to good because I could spend all day sleeping lol).

Hubby took 6 weeks off work, but after 4 weeks, my brother needed help with some things so my husband helped him out for 2 weeks. It was hard at first, because my husband had been there to help out with everything, then he was gone all day, but I had to get used to all the kids/housework/cooking etc at some point so it has worked out well. The worst bit was getting the older 2 ready for pre school and taking them to swimming lessons, but mum, dad and my sister helped out there.

The younger 2 have just woken up from there naps, so I best be off. Hopefully things will be a little less busy from now on and I can update more.

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  1. Yes, letting you have a sleep in any time you want is not very smart (oh, but it must be so nice). My youngest child is 2.5 and I can still sleep all day long if anyone would let me.