Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coping with 4 kids under 6 - A typical day

A few weeks ago, I did a post on things we do that help to cope with 4 kids under 6 which you can find here.

I promised to post about a typical day in our house, and here it is:

7.30: Everyone up and out of bed
  • Breaky
  • Dressed
  • Teeth
  • Hair, etc
  • The older 2 make their beds and tidy their rooms
Hubby works afternoon shift so he helps with the morning rush. 1 parent usually gets Missy ready for school while the other gets the boys ready.

8:45: Hubby walks Missy to school (this is their one on one time)
  • Put a load of washing on
  • Boys outside for play if a nice day
  • Feed pets
  • General tidy
  • Hang load/start another if needed, but usally stick to 1 a day
10:30: Snack time
  • Free play
  • Feed bubs
11:00: Bubs nap (depends how he slept the night before cause he's teething, but normally this is his nap time)

12:00: Lunch
  • Mr 2's nap
  • Spend time with Mr almost 4
  • Quick tidy
  • Rest
2:00: Start getting ready to pick Missy up from school.

3:20: Back home, chill with kids.
  • Homework is done on a Monday.
  • Reading every day
4:00: Washing off and folded, put away if the kids are behaving.
  • Kids play
4:30: Dinner prep
  • Kids usually play outside, or I put a movie on. Missy helps mummy
5:30-6:00: Dinner.
  • Bubs eats what we eat and often has a quick nap after dinner (again depending)
  • Spend time with kids
6:45: Baths

7:00: Mr 2's story and bed time
  • Missy and Mr almost 4 help mummy tidy up and load dishwasher (i usually unload it while making dinner)
7:30: Quiet time
  • Watch TV
  • Read
  • Start getting bubs ready for bed
8:00: Bubs bed time
  • Kids continue quiet time
8:30: Big kids stories and bed time
  • I tidy up
  • Prepare Missy's lunch for following day
  • Lay out clothes
  • Pack anything needed for the following day, such as Library bag for Library day etc
  • Catch up on my favourite show
  • Catch u on facebook, blogs etc
10:30: shower
  • Start dishwasher as it's cheaper rates
11:00: Bed - I've been naughty recently and haven't been going to bed til almost midnight, this has to change lol.

That's pretty much how a typical day goes around here :).

Today wasn't a typical day, as Hubby is doing another double shift, so Missy stayed at my sisters lastnight and my brother called and said that he'll pick Missy up from school as he is coming to our house to use the gym.


  1. A busy day! I love how you have a full routine that works with having 4 kids. I would love that many kids... maybe one day! Keep up the good work mumma!

  2. Thanks Chrissie :) Yep they keep my busy lol :) Good to hear u want a big family!! I love it and wouldn't change it for the world :)