Thursday, June 14, 2012


In my last post, which you can read here, I stated that Family is what I want out of life. My family IS my life. In saying that, I want to prioritise me life.

As I'm typing this, my little man Mr 3 gets out of bed and asks for a drink of water. I gave him a little drink, and he gives me a big cuddle tells me he loves me and walks to the lounge..

"I'm sitting on the younge with my jink and I'm going to wait for Daddy."
(mistakes intended, that's how he talks :))

I was thinking of sending him back to bed, but then I thought why not let him stay up with me? He's no trouble. It'll make him happy and I'm sure he'll be asleep before Daddy gets home anyway.

My Priorities:

My children.
My children are my absolute number one priority. They come before anything and anyone in this world (The husband would like to think he comes first but nah lol).

Being a good mum to my children.
This explains itself

My husband and myself.
I do tend to put everything and everyone before myself, I think it's what us mums do, but I'm making myself a priority, and start taking better care of myself. The husband - I want to spend more quality time with him, a date night is near impossible, so even a romantic dinner and a movie at home will suffice.

Friends and other family (mum, dad, siblings, cousins etc).
With four kids, I don't have a lot of time to catch up with everyone all the time, but I try to talk/text/chat with friends and/or (other) family on a daily basis, and catch up with closest friends every week.

Having fun and living life.
Again, this explains itself.

The House.
I would love to have a self cleaning house, but I'm yet to get that button working, so for now, the housework, decluttering, organising and general maintenance is an ongoing thing. I want my house to be a haven where my family can feel relaxed, and guests can feel welcome.

We have lots of plans for our house. We've completely renovated it, and we're planning more projects in the future. We were originally trying to pump any and all extra money onto our car loan to get that paid off asap, so we could get the extra room built and have another baby  our kids can have their own rooms (yes we will be having another bub in a few years :)). We've changed our priorities, and feel so much happier and calmer :)

Money is a necessary evil. We're earning less but living more :)

What are you priorties?


  1. My priorities are pretty simple.
    Obviously my Munchkin comes first, getting myself financially stable, getting us our own place, and studying to get myself a career that I love.

    Falling in love again and having more babies is something that I would love, but not huge on my list of priorities right now.

    Love this post, as it shows your core values and what you believe to be important in your life.
    Chrissie xx

    1. Thanks Hun :)

      I'd love to study too, but I think I have enough on my plate at the moment. I look forward to it in the next couple of years.

      Good on you for aiming to get your place and to be financially stable. There's nothing better than the pride that comes with it :)