Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 year plan

I'm a planner. I'm always planning things, setting goals, working out things and more often than not I do my head in lol.. if only this would actually help to keep me organised... but sadly it doesn't...

I'm not adding in little plans/goals, just the big ones.

Here's the plan -

  • Pay off car loan
  • Sell 2nd car and buy a ute
  • Have a small get away in Sept/Oct
  • Either a getaway to Queensland in January, or a muchly muchly desired holiday to Fiji in June/July (Or both would be even better :)).
  • Pay extra onto smaller mortgage (no rush to get it paid off)
  • (Possibly) Start plans for extension - ground floor or second story depending on costs and approval.
  • (Possibly) An attic conversion - again depending on costs and approval.
  • J Man (Mr almost 4) Off to school :(
  • Extensions done
  • Fiji - if not done (was original plan as it will be our 10 year ''dating'' anniversary in July 2014, and we wanted to do something special ).
  • Get a pool
  • Maybe Baby... :)
  • Mr 2.5 off to school :( (they grow up too fast)
  • Hubs 30th - got something big in mind :)
  • Carport
  • Maybe Baby - if we decided not to try in 2014 

We know things don't always go to plan, we originally planned to have 2 kids close in age, have a 5 yr gap, get a house and then have two more kids. Well that plan went out the window when Mr 2.5 surprised us :)

It'll be interesting to look back on in a few years time and see what we've accomplished.

What are your plans for the future?

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  1. What a great idea to put it down in writing and share it. It'll probably really help you focus on achieving these since they have been sent out to the world :) Rachel x

    1. It does help to stay focused once it's out there, I find it much easier to achieve things :) thanks for commenting :)

  2. I love your plan there are so many fun things in there for you! I'm hoping to have my debt halved by the end of the year (if I can ever stop paying out my spare cash on fixing my car!) Hopefully move out of my parents house by my birthday in March next year, Have my car loan paid off by June next year and Have a new car by the end of next year. It's a lot, and it means I will have to go back to work part time next year whilst I am studying but it will be worth it! Unfortunately any other plans (babies, buying a house, romantic get aways) will need to wait until I have someone to share them with!
    Chrissie xx

    1. Great goals you've got there Chrissie :) I'm hearing you on the money spent on the car, Hubby's car is costing us more than its worth. Good luck with it all hun :)

  3. Great idea. I've not really thought ahead that far. I would like the next few years to hold work success and some holidays - preferably overseas. There, it's out there now!

    1. I'd love to holiday overseas, I'd love to do Tahiti once the kids are older. Good luck with the work success. Thanks for commenting :)

  4. what great goals... definitely worth taking notes and making sure I start mine! :)

    1. Thanks Yvette :) It's definitely worth doing, I started writing them down in 2010 and it's helped, we're mostly on track :)

  5. Great goals Tubbah and I believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail :)

  6. Great plan! I am always putting my plans down in words - or on a vision board - keeps me focused on the goal and reminds me what the struggles are for :)

    1. I've thought about doing a vision board, but haven't actually got around to it... I might just do one on the weekend :) Thanks for commenting :)

  7. You're such an inspiration! A 3-year plan sounds difficult to start with and maintain. But I guess the things that are hard to do is actually the best solutions. It's been a year, I hope things are happening according to your plan.
    *Jaden @