Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Worried about my family..

Since December last year, a week hasn't gone by where someone in this household has NOT been sick. Bubs has been sick with a nasty cough for 4 months, which the Dr thought might've been Pneumonia. We've been sent off for all different tests and X-Rays,  which thankfully ruled that out but we're still left wondering... to this day we have no idea what is wrong with him and it's killing me :( My other kids have passed it (cough/cold type thing but apparently lungs etc are clear) back and forth to each other for months, I've had it on and off for months and DH has barely had it.

Not only have we been dealing with that, but DS 3.5 decided to have a head on with the TV unit resulting in a trip to emergency and 3 stitches. Next, even before the stitches were removed, DS 3.5 broke out in a rash. We thought it was Hives at first, but found out it was a bad skin infection and was told to keep an eye out for Meningococcal. Thankfully this healed up.

We've had a Gastro outbreak 3x since February. Most recent being now. Bubs became ill late Monday afternoon. He wouldn't keep anything down, was lethargic and sometimes unresponsive. DH was at work, so my Mum came up to help. We called the Dr out, and he checked him over. He wasn't too concerned at the time as bubs wasn't dehydrated and looked OK but told us what to look out for and when to go to hospital etc. Well, he seemed to improve yesterday, but then started to have the runs (he didn't have diarrhea on Monday, just vomiting), and tonight he seems to be hit hard. He hasn't been keeping anything down and quite miserable. He's asleep at the moment, but if he has another session like he did earlier (won't go into details but it was very very messy) I'll take him to the hospital.

I know this is nothing compared to what other families go thru, but it's really hitting us hard... not only in the obvious ways but financial aswell, we've been spending $60-80/week on medicines, which I thought was bad, then this passed week the bill was already at $120 (for the one week) and I haven't got all the prescriptions yet.

I just wish they'd get better soon.


  1. Having a family that is sick is not fun. Hard to keep sane even. May I ask what are your families eating habits? Not to pry or sound haughty just curious. I know for colds lots of juicing (not bottled juices) would help heal the body. Fasting all dairy works wonder on colds, flu, and even gastro upsets. You probably already do those things.....but just wanted to ask anyway. I enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing even your difficult moments.

  2. Thanks for your comment and kind words Kathy :) We're following a diet set by the Dr, which was a lot of beef/fruits/veg no fats/oils etc, but this didn't really help... I've been to another Dr and he thinks its allergies (does run in my family from my dad, but up until now I've never been a victim), So I think an allergy test is in order for us all.