Thursday, November 1, 2012

My plans and goals for November

I'm going to relax a little on the debt front in November, pumping my all into the car took it's toll on us as a family, so I'll sit back and keep it simple this month.

I have a small financial goal


I have a couple of personal goals.

Financial Goal:
To pay off and finalise all the Christmas layby's.
To reintroduce sanity/spending money for hubby and I.

To re-jig the budget and allocate the extra money (what was the car payment) accordingly. We'll continue to live a thrifty lifestyle, but more relaxed then before.

Personal Goals:
To lose the 3kg that somehow attached itself to me (surely it wasn't all that yummy comfort food over winter...was it??)
To get back into my routine of early bed and wake up times (that went out the window with school holidays).

I've really got to cut down on the hot chips...or better yet stop eating them altogether.
A maximum of one can of coke a day (already doing)
Drink plenty of water (already doing)
I'll snack on fruit and have simple salad and cold meat sandwhiches for lunch and light meals for dinner. Breaky will be something healthy or a yummy smoothie. I did the above earlier in the year and I had great results.

 With going to bed earlier, I've just gotta be strict on myself, but it's a bit hard when I've got so many cool blogs to read :)

That's it! I'm keeping it simple this month.

What are your goals for November?

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