Thursday, July 21, 2011

I wish all days were like today (warning: whinge session)

Yesterday I had a horrible time with DS3. He was acting like such a brat!! So ignorant, overactive, not listening to ANYTHING I'd say, chucked tantrums over the slightest thing, and I mean SLIGHTEST. He's so bl**dy loud that his normal talking voice is practically yelling.

 I couldn't put him in his normal bed (shares with DS1.5) cause he jumps in his cot and keeps him awake, and sometimes hurts him (doesn't mean to just too rough). So DS1.5 cannot get sleep when DS3 is around. So since Monday night, DS3 has slept in DD's room. Monday and Tuesday night this went sooo smoothly, he went to bed when told, shhhhd when told etc.... then came last night. COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!! He was up til 11.30 with his loudness keeping everyone awake, kept jumping on DD's bed, she came out so many times saying how he was keeping her awake. Chucked more tantrums when I'd try settling him down... It took me 3.5 hrs.

I couldn't believe the change from the first 2 nights to last night, then I realised, he went to preschool on Monday and Tuesday. That had probably tired him out so he was happy to go to bed. Yesterday he was home, so he was bored out of his brain (he's got a short attention span so keeping him entertained can be very hard).

Then the boy decided he wanted to get up at the crack of dawn :(

Anyway enough whinging, today was a lot better. He still had his tantrums over pathetic things, but that's just him lol.

The day went pretty smoothly, we had breaky and did the whole morning routine. I put a movie on for the older two (yep I relied on the electronic baby sitter, but hey a mums gotta do what a mums gotta do), while the little feller and mummy tidied up.

The kids came out on time for snacks and went back in the room and played. Mummy and DS1.5 tidied up some more, put a load of washing on etc, and ended up in the boys room and managed to fill two bags of stuff to go to the op shop. Unfortunately the older two thought this was a perfect time to come into the room and start playing with toys (some of which were going in the bag grrr lol).

We had lunch and played some games, read some books and did some learning. It was time for bubs to go to bed, so off he went and the older two played with the Thomas train set, which I completely forgot I had bought for DS3 last year, and he's barely played with it cause I put it up out of the way :)

I did some more loads of washing, chucked some in the dryer and thought I'd sneak some time on the computer. Big mistake!! Of course the kids thought this was a perfect time to start mucking up! Long story short, DD hogged all the trains but 1 and DS3 thought it was the end of the world and chucked an all mighty!! He was actually vicious and abusive I couldn't believe it! I put him straight to bed in DD's room and he continued on with the tantrum (I had already done the whole reasoning, calming down and everything else you do, buuuuuutttt nothing worked). Eventually he calmed down and went to sleep.

I was exhausted by this time and was starting to get the tightening's/contractions again, so took this as I sign to rest. I told DD mummy was having a sleep and she can lay down with me and either sleep too or watch telly. We slept for almost 2 hrs which was fantastic. I really needed it.

The boys were both still asleep when I woke up. I'm not sure how long DD had been awake for, as she was up playing.

I watched her play for a while, made a couple of phone calls and got the boys up. It was then time to start dinner.

We ate dinner, bathed them, they played while I tidied up. I put the bub to bed. I watched H&A and the older two played snap :) They're now watching Sponge Bob.

DS3 is occasionally being loud and I've told him off a couple of times (after reasoning with him) as he has already woken the little feller up.

I know DS3 still had his bad moments today which did stress me out and brought me to tears a couple of times, but over all it was a great day which went pretty smoothly. Usually he's a pain like that all day most days.

I've considered getting him tested for ADD/ADHD, but I've never had a complaint from his teachers, in fact they all love him, they can't get enough of him. It seems to be mummy he plays up for. He tries it on Daddy, takes one look at Daddys face and doesn't do it again.

Ohh DH is in Melbourne for work this week, so that could be adding to DS's agroness (yep I make up words lol), all week he's been asking for him, and really missing him, where as DD understands where he is, why he's there and when he's coming home, so she hasn't been effected by it much, and the little one has absolutely no idea what's going on and simply cracks up laughing on the phone to DH when ever he rings lol... Strange boy... :D

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