Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where I'm at...

Well as I'm typing this, I'm looking around my lounge room and it's in a bit of a mess.

Coffee Table
Bubs beanie
Leaflet/flyer thing

Blanket half hanging off the lounge.
Basket of unfolded washing
Towels 1 folded 3 aren't
A layby
Pile of new bubs clothes

On The Floor
My boots
Kids school bags
Mr 3's robe
Baby wipes
Kids drawings
Un blown up balloon
Lunch box
Bread bag tag
3 toys
Menu plan
and a stool in the wrong spot...

A clothes rack - I think the clothes are dry lol

I've been walking over this stuff pretty much since I came home at about 4.15. It was worse than this earlier and have slowly been putting things away and getting the kids to help aswell.
I could use any excuse under the sun as to why I haven't finished, but to be honest It's sheer lazyness. I am very tired, but the amount that's lying around would probably take all of 15-20 minutes to tidy up... Having said that it's still not enough to convince me to do it lol.

Pretty much my whole house is like this, clutter lying around. It's doing my head in, and as much and as fast as I clean it seems to reappear again. I'll blame the kids, every flat surface, lack of time, how I'm feeling etc, but when it comes down to it, it just proves that we have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF.

We have a council clean up this week (was actually Monday but haven't done our street yet), So we carted some junk out the front, and was amazed to see how quick the broken walker disappeared lol. Its broken so I hope to god they aren't actually going to use that for a baby.

My husband had some old parts for a VH/VK Commodore. He's been meaning to get rid of them, but as the flyer stated no car parts he didn't put them out. I told him to, cause guaranteed some scrapper will come around and snap them up before the council come around. And that's exactly what happened. Within 10 minutes lol.

There's still sooo much we need to get rid of, but most of it is building rubble (bricks etc), so will contact a brick recycler for a quote.

But as far as insides concerned, I'm still finding it hard to get rid of things, as I keep thinking of the "value" of it. I hate storing things for garage sales unless its something worth putting on, but as far as toys, I just want them gone. I've gotta be ruthless! I really don't think my daughter needs 3 tea sets.

So I had a very quick look in her room today while she was at pre school, and I saw 4 things that went out for the collection. I've got my eye on a few more things that I'll box up and take to her pre school or the op shop.

I want to go through their books and take a heap to the pre school/op shop. I don't even want to begin to think how many touch and feel/shapes/numbers etc books they have. Mum just came back from Cairns so now they have more lol.

I've held onto almost ALL their clothes, except for a box and bag I sold to mum a few months ago, a few rotten ones that were binned and a couple of bags to the op shop. All of which have only happened this year. The boys clothes I will keep as we have 3 boys, but as far as the girls clothes I'll go through and sell/scrap/donate etc. Except the baby clothes (On the phone to hubby today, he called to see how my check up went, he said next bub we're going private. I smiled from ear to ear and said yeh well I don't want to go through this again, and he said yeh well we'll wait a few yrs, save up and we'll go private) Woohooooo!!! lol!!! As much as I'd love to go again, if he didn't I'd have to accept it. But he wants another in about 4-5 yrs :D So I'll hold onto all the baby clothes esp. the pink :)

So that's where we're at with the clutter, we're weeding through it slowly and have seen progress.

Financially, we're doing ok. We scrapped that car and lost out $400 but we're not dwelling on it, we're simply rebuilding our emergency fund. We've got about $250 left on the credit card, which will be paid out next Monday. We are now putting an extra $50 a week on the car loan, and have finally gotten to the point where we can afford Sanity Money for each other. We don't take it out regularly, actually most the time not at all, we've been used to not having it for so long, but it's great to know it's there when we want it. Groceries aren't strict necessities anymore and naughty naughty we're spending a bit on chocolate and other yummy stuff. Again we aren't concerned about extra money being "wasted" on luxuries, we're enjoying the fact that we can buy them without worrying how to pay the mortgage.

The pregnancy has been up and down, but looks like things are improving. I've been admitted a few times for certain issues, the most recent being last week for a reaction to the steroids. I was only in over night, and thankfully all was well. Bubs has caught up in his weight and is now looking like he's gonna be a big boy (not sure if I mentioned, but he was 2 weeks behind in growth), he's now 87th percentile in weight lol. I've got slight placenta previa, but so far they aren't too concerned and hopefully I can still have a vaginal delivery. I had low fluid, but this boy is making me soo thirsty and I'm downing drinks like they're going out of style, and at the last scan the level was normal :). The baby is at brim, and I have a scan next week or so to recheck the above issues, and to check the cervix length. Even though the Dr's concerned about pre term labour, I'm not too concerned now, I've had the steroids to boost his lungs, his weight is great, and he's a fighter, so I know he'll be fine :) But having said that, I'm hoping he stays put til 36 weeks at least. Unfotunately I'm still getting the constant Contractions, but I'm getting through them.

And no I still haven't tidied up lol.


  1. Tubbah

    Your post made me laugh. If I actually took the time to write down every little thing that wasn't where it should be, I'd still be typing about it this time next week! LOL I know exactly how you feel. I've been so sick since last Friday evening and my husband has been Mr Mum. Not once has he said "gee, now I know what it must be like for you, day in day out" or "you do such a good job trying to stay on top of things". All he's done is feed the kids very, very basic things, bath them once, did one basket of washing AND put it all through the drier. It's all still downstairs, unfolded. Oh, and he's watched a lot of TV. If only I had that luxury! LOL

    Anne xx

  2. lol yeh thats why I stuck to the loungeroom and not any other room :D
    Hope u feel better soon Anne. They never seem to admit that we do have a hard job do they!?! haha wow he put it in the dryer aswell? he's a champion!! lol mine won't even touch the washing. He always says "ohh I was gunna do aload of washing for u, but......" theres always an excuse lol

  3. Lol at the bread tag on the floor, there is probably at least 4 on my floor at any one time. I'll leave them there for at least a week waiting to see if the kids will pick them up (they never do) before I then start commenting on them being there. Another week will pass and finally I'll pick them up while complaining loudly about the fact that they were there that long.
    Would have been easier and quicker to spend 20 seconds picking them up in the first place.

    Glad you were able to get rid of some junk at your council clean up, we don't have those anymore but get issued with 4 free tip entry vouchers instead.

    So happy that bub is doing well and that hubby is eager for another one. We are much the same and would like to go private next go. I think they listen to you more when you are private.

    Great job on the credit card and enjoy the little luxuries, we've been doing the same.

  4. Hahaha Peta that sounds like me :) I ended up picking it up today lol.

    Aw kool u having another bub down the track? awesome! We might be preggers together again :) Not only do they listen to u more, but at least ur with one Dr, and not having to retell ur history at every appt (that is driving me insane at the moment, cause i keep getting different dr's)

    I paid the CC out yesterday, as I received my tax back :)

  5. Hehe love this post! I do not even know where I am at in my life at the moment. Probably should do a bit of an evaluation. I like to know where I am, and where I am headed. Thanks for sharing!
    Chrissie xx