Friday, May 4, 2012

Finally, the weekend!!

I can start to relax a little now the weekend is here and the husband is home. I survived the night shift odeal - just! I definitely have to give thanks to my to do list that I posted the other day. It kept me in line. I did everything on the list that night apart from sweeping the loungeroom floor, which I did the following morning.

I also need to thank my sister for her help the past couple of days, she had Missy over for a sleepover Wednesday night, as hubby worked a double shift yesterday (Thursday), starting in the wee hours of the morning, making it a challenge to get 4 small kids and myself ready in time to get Missy to school. My nephew and my daughter attend the same school, so my sister took her. She also had Mr almost 4 for a few hours today which was heaven sent.

Missy has a party to go to tomorrow. Hubby wants to take her as he feels he is missing out on a lot with the hours he is working. I want to spend some quality time with the boys, so I might set up a picnic in the back yard for them and enjoy the moment.

Little Miss and Mr almost 4 are going 'camping' tomorrow night under the kitchen table. We often throw some sheets over it and they pretend it's a cave or something, but they have never spent the night in it, so they're very excited. Missy's only concern is where I'm going to put the chairs... Lol!

I'm not sure what's planned for Sunday, I don't think we'll go anywhere, cause we've got some busy weekends ahead of us, and it'll be nice to spend it at home with the family.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend you have coming up! I am looking forward to Master A having a brother or sister to play with and make table-and-sheet-forts with! Chrissie xx

  2. Thanks for ur comment :) yeh it's fun playing games with them, especially when they're using their imagination :)