Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today's chores

I was supposed have a Drs appointment today, but have rescheduled due to my husband working night shift. He has been covering for the night shift superviser on and off for the past month as he has been on leave.

The extra money has been great and we've been putting extra onto the car loan. The downside of the night shift is not having hubby around. I'm used to doing the afternoons on my own and have got a routine in place, but I'm not used to having hubby not here during the day.. Well he is here but he's asleep :) So I've been trying to keep in control.

I've also taken the boys out of preschool due to the constant sickness and also to save a bit of money. I'm really gonna miss my Fridays being just bubs and I, but it's not forever and once the debts are paid off it'll be worth it.

My days are spent chasing my tail when Hubby is on night shift, I drop Missy off at school, come back try and do as much as I can of what needs to be done, then it's time to pick Missy up from school again.

So today I want to set myself some To Do's which hopefully will keep me on track.

  • a load of washing  done
  • run dishwasher done
  • fold yesterdays washing done
  • put away yesterdays washing - done
  • general tidy morning done
  • wipe over bathroom done
  • check Missy's bed is made and room is clean done
  • general tidy after lunch - done
  • Get washing off line - done
  • fold washing - done
  • put away washing - done
  • get dinner ready - done
  • sweep kitchen floor done
  • sweep loungeroom floor
  • fill washing machine ready for tomorrows load done
  • make Missys lunch for tomorrow
  • lay out clothes for tomorrow - done
  • read with Missy - done
  • pay phone bill - done
  • Catch up on Missy's baby record book, 5 y/o page  done
  • have 5 glasses of water had - done
  • take time out for self
  • exercise - walk to pick up Missy - done
  • general tidy night - done
  • unload dishwasher
  • load dishwasher
  • fill out Missy's Take home reading journal - done

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