Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning - Zones

With spring finally arriving, it's time I started thinking about spring cleaning. Even with only one parent working outside the home, we've been struggling to keep up with the everyday basics, due to our busy lives. The house is starting to look a little neglected, and it's time to do something about it.

I've split my home into 4 zones, and I'll be working in one zone a week during September.

They are as follows:

Zone 1: Hallway (entryway) and  Lounge room
Zone 2: Kitchen and Laundry
Zone 3: Bedrooms 1 and 2
Zone 4: Bedroom 3 and Bathroom

  • Each zone will get a thorough clean and tidy, Which includes:

    General - All Rooms
    Dusting (inc. walls, fans, picture frames etc)
    Vacuuming (inc. behind/under furniture)
    Washing down of all hard surfaces (inc. walls, doors, windows etc)
    Clean switchplates and door knobs
    Clean Blinds

    General - All rooms
    Clean air con filter
    Wash bedding, inc. pillows and blankets.
    Air out Mattress
    Dust and wipe over lamp shade
    Deodorise carpet

    General - All rooms
    Scrub/steam clean grout
    Touch up grout
    Reseal grout
    Scrub taps
    Remove seat and scrub seat bolts
    Scrub bath
    Scrub toilet
    Scrub shower
    Mop floor

    General - All rooms
    Clean oven
    Clean microwave
    Clean out fridge and freezer
    Clean underneath fridge
    Vacuum and clean fridge coils
    Descale kettle
    Clean dishwasher
    Mop floor

    General - All rooms
    Clean air con filter
    Vac lounge
    Spot clean lounge
    Wash cushions and throws
    Mop floor

    General - All rooms
    Clean washing machine
    Clean Dryer
    Shine sink
    Mop floor
  • I haven't included jobs such as cleaning vanities, kitchen cupboards etc, as this is part of our weekly cleaning. 
  • I won't, or I should say I'll try not to declutter at this point, unless I finish that weeks zone early, otherwise I know I'll get distracted and end up not finishing what I set out to do.
  • I'll work little and often, instead of trying to do everything in one go and end up overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed and most probably give up. 
  • The zone cleaning needs to fit around our routine/schedule instead of us fitting around it. I still have appts to attend, make sure everyone is clothed, fed, clean, happy and well rested, aswell as keep up with my daily must do's. So there's a good chance I won't get it all done this month, but as long as I do what I can, I'm ok with that.
  • Most importantly I must remember to keep positive, smile, crank up the stereo and enjoy myself, after all a happy wife is a happy life :)
This was meant to be ready and posted by Saturday 1st Sept, but thanks to our crazy life its a few days late, so seeing as though it's Tuesday...

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  1. Great idea Tubbah.
    I have been eagerly awaiting the warmer weather to get some serious cleaning done.
    It is so easy not to notice the little things like dust and dirty marks when you have the house closed up against the winter chills.

    I will be doing much the same as you but will be decluttering as I go as we are living surrounded by boxes and bags of stuff that need to get gone :)

    1. Thanks Peta :) good luck with the decluttering, look forward to hearing how u go :)

  2. Whoa!!! When u put it like that.. I seriously don't do enough housework!!! hehe

    I must write a list..

    1. LOL!! I seriously don't do enough housework either, hence the list :)

  3. Wow! go you, when you are done there let me know and I will send my address thorugh so you can come and sort it all out here as well :)

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

    1. lol that's if I ever get it done :D
      Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Zone cleaning is the way to do it! I think I'm gonna zone my house again and get stuck in. We are in need of some household tlc!

    1. It sure is Jess, and so are we :) Thanks for commenting