Friday, July 13, 2012

Update on Odd jobs and Renovations (older post)

I need to make a start on my mega list of things to do around the house. I don't mean housework (I'd be here forever if I did :)), but odd jobs and maintenance.

I did a post last year about some odd jobs and renovations we'd like to get done around the house. You can read it here.
Here's some things that were listed in that post.

(This list was in number order)
  1. Paint architraves/door frames and doors. Started/almost finished.
  2. Screen Door - Ordered, deposit taken.
  3. Skip bin - We weren't going to get one but at the moment our whole yard looks like a building site.
  4. Blinds - Quotes done, couple more to go.
  5. Deck Roof - Started.
  6. Sand and stain deck - will do once roof is completed, will be the same colour stain.
(Other odd jobs and reno's that were in the post)
  • Repaint Hallway
  • Repaint Bathroom
  • Retaining Wall
  • Side Fence
  • Metal Lattice (to cover piers)
  • Front Fence/Sliding gate
  • Roller shutters
  • Re Seal Driveway
  • Side Gate (Driveway)
  • Pool - few years away yet
  • Extensions - few years away yet
13 months later, and how we've gone with the lists.
  1. Paint architraves/door frames and doors. Started/almost finished. 1 side of 1 door still needs painting, and still a fair bit to go with the architraves/door frames
  2. Screen Door - done
  3. Skip bin - done
  4. Blinds - done
  5. Deck Roof - Started. and that's as far as it got
  6. Sand and stain deck - not done

    • Repaint Hallway
    • Repaint Bathroom  done (but thinking of painting a different colour)
    • Retaining Wall done
    • Side Fence done
    • Metal Lattice (to cover piers)
    • Front Fence/Sliding gate done
    • Roller shutters
    • Re Seal Driveway
    • Side Gate (Driveway) done
    • Pool - few years away yet
    • Extensions - few years away yet (hopefully next year)

We've been thinking about paying someone to do the painting, as it's hard to find time with the kids still so young, and with hubby working so much. I'd rather do it myself to save the money, but time is a very important factor, and something we're lacking.

Metal Lattice (to cover piers)
We probably won't be getting the lattice, as we're thinking of closing in under the house. One part as a cubby house for the kids, the middle part as an outside toilet and sink, and the last part as a workshop/shed for hubby as we went to knock down the old garage (it's asbestos).

Roller Shutters
Still something we want to get done, but not just yet.

Reseal Driveway

When the weather warms up, we'll clean off the driveway with a high pressure cleaner and reseal the whole thing.


Something I'd get tomorrow if we could afford it... and had the space. Ideally, we need to knock down the garage to have it in a space where it would actually get some sun. I would love to be able to have it done by summer. The kids have been bringing it up a lot recently, so maybe just maybe we can get it done within 2 years.


We need more room. We're managing in this house, but it's very cramped. We want 1-2 more bedrooms (preferably two but depends if we decide to build up or out), I want a decent size laundry, my current one is a box. I can't even fit the drying rack in there. We'll get the ball rolling for this once the car loan is paid off. So probably early next year. I'm excited lol :)


  1. Wow, you've been busy!
    Owning a home is just one maintenance job after another, isn't it?
    I think I need to make a list of everything I would like to do too, but seeing as my hubby isn't the 'working on the house' kind, I think it would take forever to get done :(

    1. It is one job after another. I don't think it ever ends lol.
      Making a list really helps to see what needs to be done and helps making an action plan easier.
      Maybe you can make a list of things that need to get done and see where, if any, jobs you can outsource to other people. Money is a factor when it comes getting things done, but if you have friends and family that are willing to help, you could make a day of it and possilbly thank them with a nice homecooked meal? We did that when we bought our house, we had 2 of my aunties, an uncle, my mum and my sister. It's amazing what we were able to get done :)

      Good luck with your list :)