Sunday, June 12, 2011

A busy, busy week...

This week has been a VERY busy week for us and unfortunately haven't got as much completed (outside) as we'd like, and here's why:

Monday: Mums, Swimming lessons, few errands, back to mums, and home. I was home for not even half an hr before hubby was off to work.

Tuesday: Blood test (Glucose pregnancy one) So all up that with travelling that took a couple of hrs, back home, DH got a little work done on the wall before heading off for Mr almost 3's PD Surgeon appt. Back home, Hubby off to work .

Wednesday: DH off to Bunnings to get some things for the wall. I had an ultrasound to check bubbys growth, back home, Hubby off to work.

Thursday: DH's RDO (day off work) went to whipper snip the lawn, it wouldn't work properly, checked it out, went off to get the part and petrol for the lawn mower, back home, mowed the lawn. General outside tidying (only about half an hr) before my brother came up to help install the gate (FINALLY :) ) Drilled the holes (in driveway) set the posts, concrete didn't set in time so had to call it a day. By that time dinner was ready.

Friday: Dropped the kids off at pre school, picked up mum, went to Kmart (needed baby shower card for today, and pay laybys), Got some fruit and veg, got ultrasound results, got pulled over for RBT, dropped mum off, back home, unloaded car, Hubby jumped in and off to work.

It may seem like there's plenty of time to do stuff while the other is off running errands, but it's impossible for DH to do anything outside with the kids, as the yard is unsafe, esp. for bubby (the older 2 love the mud piles lol)

He leaves for work at 1pm Mon-Thurs and 11am on Fridays. He has a RDO every second Thursday, but most of the time he gets called in for shifts.

We tried to combine errands as much as possible, but we're so limited for time before my husband goes to work.

I do what I can when hubby's working (around the house or at work). Most days I just get general house work done, but I try to get a little of something else done, such as yesterday while all the kids were outside with my husband, 2 of his mates and my brother, I managed to finish the primer on our daughters door frame. I also got a chance to scrub the mould off the bathroom roof, much to hubbys dismay (he down right refused to let me scrub it off without the asbestos mask, goggles and gloves :) He's a sweety :)). I don't feel like I've failed and could've acheived more, as with 3 very demanding kids and this rain, I'm surprised we're getting anything done.

And here's the good news, Mr 3 DOESN'T NEED SURGERY :) :) We're so thankful and so relieved!
The baby is growing well and isn't effected by my thyroid condition :).

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