Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday Madness

Here's my whinge session about yesterdays not so nice happenings. Be warned, it's rather long...

First off I was peeved over the rain still hanging around. My poor husband has had nothing but interruptions since starting this project (the retaining wall). Interruptions ranging from the weather, which we understand can't be helped, to people constantly ringing or dropping in and asking/expecting him to help them when they can clearly see he's busy. This is not aimed at any one in particular.

My older brother told my husband not to make plans for Monday MORNING as he was coming around to help install the gate. Well Sunday night he said to keep the afternoon free as he's working in the morning and can't do it. My husband got a little peeved as he'd already changed plans to be available in the morning to help my brother and also, he was working in the afternoon. Well my brother never showed up (My husband has also taken days off work because my brother has said he'll be there and either doesn't show up, or shows up far too late for anything to get done). Then I find out from mum that she's pretty sure he walked out the door in his good clothes, not work clothes, and was going somewhere. So there's the possibilty he has lied to us yet again.

So with the above making me angry, My younger brother and sister in law pop in. I got a little frustrated at first as I was having a break from painting the bathroom, but was busy baking treats for the day, and they just stood there whinging about their own problems. I politely listened as I've always been a listener and a shoulder to cry on, but thankfully my husband saved me by (deliberately) saying "So babe did you get everything finished in the bathroom that you needed to?" Of course I replied no, so that got them moving, but they kindly offered to help out by Sis in law watching the kids, and my brother helping either myself or my husband (ended up helping me). I felt terrible about getting a little frustrated, as they did help out a lot.

In the mean time I almost fell off the ladder, luckily the over toilet storage thing was there...

My husband had to leave for work at 3pm, which tied in with when my brother and sis in law were leaving, also the same time my two boys woke up. So this is where I started to feel a bit stranded and stressed. My boys were very full on and demanding food, drinks, and everything else. So my daughter thought she'd have a go at demanding more food. I was trying to see to all of them, clean up the paint stuff and keep my cool... it was hard to do.

Other little normal kid things happened like the constant bickering, not sharing, hurting each other etc, but with each little thing I was getting more and more heated.

Then I remembered I had my antenatal appt booked for this morning so I started searching for my antenatal card. I could not find it anywhere. I ripped the whole house apart and was getting really angry by this stage and found myself snapping at the kids (normally I'm a very cruisy, fun loving, happy person.. It takes a lot to get me to this point)...

I was angry over my brother stuffing us around after all we'd done for him (We were the ones who opened our hearts and home when he needed it the most, but I understand why the others couldn't do it)

I was frustrated with all the interruptions...

I was upset with everyone leaving me at once...

I was frustrated with the kids constant damands and whinging...

I was starting to get angry over other issues going on in our lives -  related or not...

I was fuming over not being able to find my antenatal card. I felt like such a failure and that all my effort and hard work trying to organise this place has flown straight out the window.

Then as I was looking for my antental card, I asked my daughter where Mr 1 was ( we were all in the main bedroom, I was on one side of the bed, bub was on the other, so I couldn't see him) I asked her what he was doing and she said drinking his bottle. I was like oh ok that's good... She started laughing and says haha silly boy drinking glue hahahaha... Me.. whaaatttttt? She grabbed the "glue" bottle which was actually my ultrasound gel for the doppler. The lid was still perfectly intact so that was good. I thanked her for taking it off him and then she laughed again at his ''big bottle'' I ran over to him and he had the bottle of bleach to his mouth!!!!!! I went into panic mode, I felt like the worst mother in history. My 1 yr old son got into the bleach... Could this day get any worse... I could not believe it. Where on earth did he get that bleach from... I put that in the bathroom high out of his reach... then it dawned on me... my little brother had to move everything in order to help paint. He'd put the bleach on the floor and I hadn't realised. Thankfully the lid was still on, but it had leaked and his face wreaked of bleach. I called the poisons centre straight away. The guy that answered was helpful, asked a few questions and advised me he'd be ok, he may get a little tummy ache and to just give him milk, water or food. I gave him milk straight away and he was fine. The only time he'd cry was when he didn't get his own way....yep that's normal so he's fine lol.

I felt so defeated. I felt like I'd fallen off a speeding wagon and was trailing along behind it hanging on by a thin rope. I couldn't seem to get any control over the situation even though I tried. I was stressed, upset, alone and defeated. I wanted my husband. I wanted to be in his arms. I have not felt like that in months and months, more like a year.

I decided to take a break from searching for the antenatal card and spend it with my kids. I felt terrible for snapping at them, they're only kids they don't understand. So we played for a while had dinner, baths and bed.

My daughter stays up an hr later then the boys, so I decided to put Dora on for her, and I was going to go through EVERY drawer in this house until I found that card. I went through the first drawer, nope. Second drawer, nope. Third drawer, is the new baby's newborn clothing, so I smiled and decided to look though his clothes. Then there it was. The antenatal card was in the babies newborn clothes drawer. I cuckled to myself. Is this a sign?? Is bubby trying to tell us something?? Lol, well I'll never know, all I know is that I found my card, and my son was happy and healthy and didn't have any ill effects from the bleach. What more could I ask for :)

I felt instantly calm after that. I had so much stress build up through out the day, and for it to go like that was strange. But I was happy none the less. Then my hubby came home and he was the icing on my cake :) I love that man so much! He's my best friend :) Nawww lol...

We've sorted out the gate. Hubby called my oldest brother (yes, I have a lot of brothers lol, 3 brothers and 1 sister.. and of course me) Who owns the company my (older) brother works for, and has asked for someone else to be sent out and that we would pay him. But we refuse to pay my brother because of his attitude, my (oldest) brother agreed and said to leave it with him and he'd call one of his guys and find out the price he would charge (my oldest brother isn't profiting from this and doesn't expect to). He called back later with the price - $220. We accepted. Yes it's a lot of money, especially considering my (older) brother was doing it for free, and yes the money will have to come out of the emergency fund. But the way we look at it, our driveway is a steep slope, so many times we've had to run after balls, bikes and kids on bikes due to the slope, so to us the gate is a necessity. We're happy to pay that price, as we've still got a bargain in the end.

So that will be getting done soon, providing they have time to do it, and also we received a call from the blinds company, they will be getting installed tomorrow morning between 9-9.30. I can't wait :)

So if you're still with me, thankyou for reading that and sorry for boring you with my issues lol. I'll blame these pregnancy hormones for making mountains out of mole hills :)


  1. Oh Tubbah! You poor little thing! That sounds like one hell of a day and no, you're not making mountains out of mole hills. I have to commend you for remembering it all. I have a mind like a sieve since having the kids and when the husband gets home and asks how my day was (and it was a day from hell) I can't even remember what my name was let alone explain how bad it was. I bet after you wrote it all down you probably thought it wasn't that bad after all but while you're going through it, it really is bad.

    Those damn kids of ours. They'll always get in the way of best laid plans. Fancy having a go at the ultrasound gel and the bleach. How's this one. I went to tuck my daughter in on Saturday night and the blanket has been cut to shreds. My son thought it was a good idea. I was livid. So mad I couldn't even speak. I just had to leave it and not worry about it. I'll just have to be more vigilant about letting the kids have scissors. Always so much to do and when you think they won't ever get into mischief, they always find a way of doing it.

    Don't even get me started on brothers and sisters (even though I don't have brothers but sisters are just as bad).

    You're a real trooper Tubbah and are to be congratulated for holding it all together. Well done!

    Anne x

  2. It doesn't sound like you've had a great day. Hope today has been better for you. It's good that you little one is ok after all the adventures... trips to the hospital on public holidays are no fun (was it a public holiday where you are?)

  3. Anne, thanks for your comment and words of encouragement :) Your right, it didn't seem like such a big deal when I wrote it all down, but it definitely felt like it lol.

    LOL at your daughters blanket. Wow your son probably thought he was doing you a favour :) The things kids do hey! It's something that'll make you sooo angry at the time, but it's something to look back on and laugh about in the future :D I wouldn't even dare think about what my son would get up to with a pair of scissors... probably much the same as your son lol...

    I too have days where I've been so angry and I can't remember why I'm so angry.. It makes you feel terrible like your over reacting or something, but that's what those kids do to us unfortunately :D

    Tat, thanks for your comment :) the past couple of days have been much better, thanks :) Yep it was a public holiday, I'm in Sydney :) Thankfully we didn't need to take him to the hospital, the poisons centre said he wouldn't need it and he'd be fine, and he is thankfully :)