Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's planned for the month of June?

During May, I wanted to focus on learning about and putting into action, Time Management. This went pretty well. We're in a relaxed routine, at the moment. We know where the time wasters are, the kids have set bed times, eating times etc, I have daily must do's. The only thing I haven't really done is set up a weekly cleaning list - what house work to do on what day. I have yet to do this as personally it doesn't suit our family just yet. Once bubs is here and things have settled down I would love to set up a good cleaning schedule.

During June, there's a few things under way. As you know in previous posts, I've mentioned the odd jobs and reno's that we'll be doing, hopefully all of which will be done by 25th June, which is the day of my baby shower.

Along with that I plan to get a strict budget under way and stick to it. It's kind of like budget "rehearsals" for the new financial year, in which we will be starting fresh and tracking are spending.

We've been getting better with our budget since paying off some of our debts, and the past couple of weeks we have been sticking to it quite well.

We've got a set budget in place, but each pay day, I'll check the acct and see what the pay is - usually it's a set amount unless he does OT. With that pay I'll tweak the budget a bit, for eg, allocate more to savings or debt reduction if the pay is more. Look at areas in which we can cut back if the pay is less than expected (this can happen quite a bit even though he's on a set pay, sometimes it's only $1 or $2 which we don't really notice, but last week it was $11 which put us out, luckily I didn't need to go grocery shopping in the end)

I'll put a copy of this budget on the family notice board so my husband can see how much he can spend on what.

Hopefully we can get this budgeting down pat before the new financial year :)


  1. I wish my husband would come on board with my budgeting efforts! What he does is spend all the money now and then when a big bill comes in (that he knew about 6 months ago and could have saved up for it), it goes on credit card! With great difficulty I finally made him sit down and write out all his expenses, but I haven't been able to get him past the writing stage yet. What good is a piece of paper if you are not going to do anything about it?

  2. Yeah it's hard to get a budget underway if hubby isn't on board. Thankfully he lets me take charge of the finances, but it's only recently that I've been able to put a budget in place that he will somewhat stick to. He'd do the same as ur hubby, go off and spend. Now he's more aware and is doing better. He still wants to spend, but finally now he'll ask if he can afford too.

    Do u and ur husband often discuss money? Have u's discussed where you both wanna be in 5 or so yrs? We sat down and had a good talk about that recently, and I think that's wat has helped so much, we're both more aware of where we want to be and spend our money on. Hope this helps :)