Friday, June 17, 2011

Pregnancy update - Ultrasound results.

I had my scan done yesterday and got to see bubby again :) He's so cute and his profile looks a lot like our younger son. At the 19 wk scan he looked more like our older son.

The results were ok, apart from having low amniotic fluid and my cervix being on the lower side of normal in size.

I haven't been back to see the Dr as my appt isn't until Tuesday, so I'm not sure whether I should be worried or not.

The reason I am seeing a Dr and not a midwife is due to having a history of low fluid (Mr almost 3, Mr 1.5 and now this one) and was induced with Mr3 because of it, and Mr 1.5 was born a month early (spontaneously), my Thyroid issue and previous preterm labour (I went into labour at 34 weeks).

So I'm guessing this could go 1 of 2 ways. Because both the fluid and the cervix are on the lower side, it might be cause for concern and he might put me on bed rest or what ever he feels is right, or because it is still within normal range he might disregard it. So at the moment I don't know what to think.

The fluid level was normal at my last scan.

I know the fluid can regenerate in some women, and apparently drinking plenty of water can help, but I have been drinking PLENTY of water and it hasn't helped.

I haven't been feeling him as much the past few days, mainly only hiccups.

I've been thinking of calling the hospital, but I know a midwife will answer the phone and most don't seem concerned until there's an absolute emergency, for eg. When I went into preterm labour at 34 weeks, midwives tried sending me home, but the head of OB/GYN refused to let me go, so he admitted me on strict bedrest (I was only allowed to get up for the bathroom) and I was supposed to stay there til I delivered. I discharged myself 2 days before he was born, but OB/GYN still made me come in for CTG and other monitoring, and each time I came back for a test he would ask me "So you coming back to us tonight?"

So I'm pleased that I have to see the Dr over the midwife as I know otherwise I wouldn't be getting the care my baby needs. I just wish I had his direct line so I could at least ask for advice.

I better add, I am in no way bagging out midwives here, as they do a great job and I want to study midwifery after I'm done babying, I've just had some negative experiences in the past with certain individuals, and feel more comfortable seeing the Dr.

Well for now I'm going to try and take it easy (kinda hard with kids but I will try), keep drinking my water and eagerly await Tuesday to see what he says. I will update after the appt.


  1. Tubbah, I will be eagerly awaiting your Tuesday post.
    I hope you are able to get some rest over the weekend (not the easiest I know).

  2. Thanks Peta :) I did manage to get more rest then usual which was nice :) I couldn't help myself though so I did pull some weeds but after this rain the grounds very soft, so nice and easy :)