Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Boys and their toys!

Today was the first day in a long time that I let my guard down with the kids and their toys... and it showed!

We've got a rule that the kids have to pack away their toys before they move onto something else, whether it's to play with another toy, have something to eat, have a nap etc. The kids are usually pretty good at remembering this, with an exception for Mr 2, but most of the time he follows suit with what the others are doing.

Mr 3 in particular, is a clean freak. He helps his sister tidy her room, and then tidies his own. He asked me today to check how tidy his room was and if I was proud of him. He's so cute. Yes his room was tidy and yes I was proud of him. But then the cheeky monkey walked into MY room and said,

"Mummy your room is a pigsty! Look at all this stuff  next to the fan! Clean it up so it looks like mine!"

Lol. He's a funny boy!! Yep, there was stuff by the fan, which was 2 bags of stuff for the Op Shop (Charity Store), a bag of maternity wear/baby stuff for my cousin that I no longer need, and bub's vaporiser. But the rest of the room was tidy.. I guess not to his standards :)

Anywho, the hubby is doing another double shift today, so wasn't home. The boys have a serious case of cabin fever because of all this rain and the weather reflects my moods, if it's raining, all I feel like doing is nothing.. 

So one boy had the Thomas The Tank Engine play set out, and the other had the blocks. This was all good, then they went outside for a bit while the sun was out. I tidied up the toys, as I was happy they were actually burning off some energy outside. This was short lived as it started raining again, so in they came and started playing with the toys again. Slowly other toys started creeping out.

By dinner time, they had almost all their toys spread throughout the house, and weren't really playing with any of it. So I told them to start tidying up before dinner, and Mr 3 (almost 4) started straight away, but Mr 2 decided he wanted to play. I had had enough of the toys, and it was time to start winding down, so I had a race with him to see who could pack away the most toys before dinner was ready and he was more than willing to clean up.

Even though we have a strict rule in place, I'm happy to see that if/when we let our guard down and things get out of hand, that it isn't a matter of one step forward and two steps back, as it took about 5 minutes to have it all tidied up and put away properly :)

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