Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update on Missy's room

As you may know, we've been fixing up our daughter's room. Even though we did a major declutter last year, and with regular 'sort throughs', it needed a lot of work. You can find last years declutter post's here and here.

Here's a couple of pics of her room before we started on this journey last year.

Ok...yep...that's how her room looked... on a regular basis.

It never gets that bad anymore, we've decluttered to a point that it's controllable even when it's a mess. If that makes sense... :)

This is how it looks now. It's not completely finished. There's still holes in the wall that need filling and painting over, scribbles to clean off... But the main thing is her room is tidy and organised.

It's such a great feeling to look back on the pics from last year. 
We've gotten rid of so much stuff not only from her room but the whole house.

Here's what we do that helps with the toy clutter:

  • I often get the kids to pick toys to give to charity. 
  • If they double up on a toy, 1 needs to be passed on.
  • If an inside toy goes outside and they don't bring it back in/look after it, it goes.
  • If the toy box overflows, it's time for a clear out
  • If they don't use/play with it, it goes.
  • If it's broken/missing parts, it goes.
  • If family and friends ask what to get them, we'll suggest money towards something big (this year possibly a cubby house), get something that they're really interested in, or clothes.
  • We don't buy many toys for them throughout the year, toys are left for Birthdays/Christmas.

Before starting this journey, we did pretty much the opposite to the above. It definitely shows.


  1. The room is looking great and it's so important to stay on top of the toy clutter. It's something I'm going through at the moment.

    1. Thanks Peta :) We had fun prettifying it for her, I hope she looks after it. I'm going thru the toys in the garage this week.