Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The ball is rolling

We had our screen door installed today, I'm so excited :) :) I've been wanting to get it done since we removed the old back door and installed the sliding door - back in September 2009.

Here's a pic :)

We got the privacy mesh that's why it's a little dark.

The mud pit in the background is where the darling husband has started the retaining wall. So my grass that has FINALLY started growing from when we excavated is now smothered in more mud. Ahh well at least it will be all finished soon :)

Hubby has also re-measured the retaining wall and has ordered the material which will be delivered on Thursday.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to continue painting the architraves/doors because of the weather. Apparently the rain is set in for the next few days, so I've been considering doing a bit of painting before I go to bed so it has the night to dry. Thankfully it's not fumey paint otherwise I would not consider this.

Hubby is thinking of taking a week or two off work to get it all completed by 25th June. He scared me today by saying
"As of tomorrow I've got 25 days to finish it all."
My gosh, I never even realised that. Time flies... It seems like we'll never get it done by then, but as my husband always says (which most of the time drives me insane lol)

"Nothing's impossible"

I hate to admit it, but he's right. Hopefully he doesn't read this post as he'll use that against me (usually he says nothings impossible when he's talking about buying a Camaro, Motorbike, having a massive 2 story house, be totally debt free and god knows what else by the times he's 28...he's 26 now... Keep dreaming baby :D)

I'll post updates as time goes on. We have a quote for blinds on Thursday, and I'm eager to see how that goes :)

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