Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm loving this rainy weekend :)

The past couple of days have been nice and rainy :) usually I hate rainy weather cause I love the sunny summer weather,  I LOVE the beach. But with this pregnancy I just couldn't handle the heat throughout summer, so I'm more than welcoming this nice change :)

Like yesterday, we didn't really get up to anything. We stayed home and had a quiet one. Hubby got home a lot earlier than expected (I thought I wouldn't be seeing him til at least 5am lol) but he came home at 1.40am... I was rather shocked lol... He had a good night which was great to hear.

We got up about 8.30am, earlier then yesterday but still later then we'd like... but hey, this weather is snuggle up in bed weather... :D We did the usual brekky, dress, teeth, hair etc with the boys (our daughter will be home tomorrow we can't wait). Let them have play time then we got dressed teeth etc.

So today we:

  • made the beds
  • swished and swiped the bathroom
  • rounded up all the dirty washing (hubbys pile was a load on its own.. he has so many partly warns but then leaves them on the floor which end up in the wash lol)
  • put a load of washing on
  • emptied the dryer/put new load in dryer (since Monday last week we haven't had a washing line cause we excavated our back yard and haven't quite finished so haven't been able to install one. I'm using a mixture of the dryer and drying racks for now until hubby can put some line up in the garage)
  • folded 2 loads of washing
  • unloaded and reloaded dishwasher - twice
  • quick vac with hand held
  • tidied half the main bedroom (other half is mainly paper work needing to be sorted and filed)
  • had dinner in the slow cooker  (meat n veg) :)
  • and finally, FINALLY finished off some craft I've been wanting to do for literally yrs lol

    Hubby put on another movie while the boys had their nap but we both ended up falling asleep aswell
Here's our dinner which my brother thought was dog food while he sat there eating his Domino's pizza lol. He turned me off my food after eating the slice of pizza, I wanted pizza sooo bad. But I had my dinner and it was sooo yummy I went back for round 2 lol :)

Here's my craft I did today:

I bought these pots about 3 years ago. They were plain white and quite plain looking. I wanted to add a kind of sandy look to them, cause as u know I love the beach and we're aiming for a beachy feel to our house. So I painted them up and popped them on my over toilet storage thingy. Here they are :)

I also bought these boxes a few yrs ago, with intentions of painting them up and maybe attatching a shell to the inside of the boxes in a 3D kind of affect.. Haven't quite got that far yet but here they are before I painted them

And after, painted in a wash  :)

I'm pretty happy with the end result. I've been procrastinating for years and finally I've made a start :) Please excuse my pregnant belly down the bottom...its starting to get in the way lol

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