Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday...What a busy day :)

Went to Dr's this morning and he gave me a referral for an ultra sound, I rang up and got an appt for 11.30 today :), then headed straight to my mum's to pick up my little girl (she went to Tassie with my parents for the weekend) we've been missing her like crazy :) headed home to get the boys out of bed, fed, dressed etc (hubby didnt finish work til 4am poor thing). Went back to mum's to pick her up, she was coming to my ultrasound with me. Went to the ultrasound. I got in straight away n our baby was there happy and healthy on the screen :) She measured a few days smaller with an EDD of 10th Sept. I've got my first antenatal appt tomorrow so I'll see what date they give me.

She was so cute on the screen, so calm with delicate movements unlike my other 3 who were thrashing and bashing inside me lol. I think we got a thumb sucker on our hands, she had her hand up at her face, it looked like she was rubbing her eye, then sucked the thumb on her other hand then went on to hold her foot :) all real slow and gentle :) how ever she did move quite a lot lol.

I'll be 16 wks on wed, or saturday going by u/s dates and I knew it was probably too early to tell the sex but I asked the tech if she could take a peek even tho I knew it's prob too early, she had a look n goes "it's too early to give a definate answer, but let's just say there's no dangley bits or obvious boy parts." well that pretty much confirmed it for me lol. I know there's still a chance dangley bits may appear in the next few weeks until my next scan, but for now she's a girl :) :) lol. We're sooo happy, my husband is OVER the moon, he wanted a lil girl (we both were happy either way but were wishing team pink :) :) )

So after the u/s mum came back to mine for a bit and we had a chat. I dropped her back off at her house, and headed back home.

Then it was lunchtime so I fed the tribe and went on to do my daily "must do's"

  • 2 loads of washing
  • loaded/unloaded dryer (about to go chuck the other load in)
  • made all beds, although I was late with making mine, very late, but I'm not feeling bad cause I didn't give my self a deadline, like it had to be done in the morning, I'm happy AS LONG as it gets done lol...
  • did not cook dinner, had left over soup
  • unloaded/loaded dishwasher
  • (can't remember if i did a quick vac... I dont think I did....oops lol)
  • folded a load of washing
  • swished and swiped bathroom
  • emptied recycling
  • emptied rubbish bins
  • emptied compost bin
  • installed other baby seat in car, my daughters one I accidently left in my husbands car
  • brought in mail
  • procrastinated

I can't remember if/what else I did lol... I did go back down mum's she watched my kids while I went off to get the u/s results, then I went to the shops to get some medicine, then back to  mums :) we stayed there for a bit, chilled out. The kids run a muck and had a ball with there cousin :) I had a long needed can of coke...I love my that doesn't sound too good at all...I think I'll rephrase that...I love my COCA oh yeh in between all that my brother and his fiance came up for a visit. I went back home had dinner washed the kids put them to bed, and now I'm relaxing a bit :)

Overall a very chaotic day lol

Here's a pic of our lil princess :)

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