Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The other parts of Tuesday :)

I got up at 7am and headed off with Miss 4 in toe, to go to my antenatal appt. All went well and they are changing my date to the 3rd Sept... I personally am keeping it as 7th Sept cause that's what I'm used too lol...The 3rd is good though cause that way if I do end up going over due, it's a few less days I will have to wait :)
After antenatal I went to pathology to get some blood taken, then off to the shops for some long awaited maccas brekky, where some nice old man was so kind to buy my daughter a maccas ice cream while we were waiting in line... It was not at all expected, I told him I appreciate it but he really doesn't have to but he insisted lol. He was such a nice old man. You rarely see that these days... and it wasn't the type of freaky man trying to buy a little girl ice cream, he was genuinely giving :)
Then we went off for some shopping where we bought the new baby some clothes and a cute blanket. Off to groceries and other bits and pieces... Didn't end up going to my friends house but that's ok, we're catching up on Thursday :) can't wait! She's pregnant too, and is also having a little girl :) we're 4 weeks apart (If I go 4 weeks early like I did with my youngest, then we might even have them at the same time :) ). We were also pregnant at the same time with our 2y/o boys. We were due the same day, and they ended up being 12 days apart... I was induced 9  days early for fluid loss, and my friend was a few days over due. So we're really excited to have our boys at the same time, and now to have our girls at the same time :)
Anyways, We headed off home, gave the kids a snack, dressed the boys and brushed teeth/hair.
  • made beds
  • swished and swiped bathroom
  • stripped Miss 4's bed
  • washed her sheets
  • chucked sheets in dryer
  • emptied dryer
  • remade bed
  • tidied kitchen
  • tidied loungeroom
  • made yummmmmyyyyy roast dinner....mmmm mmmm :)
  • 2 loads in dish washer
  • put clothes away
  • tidied boys room
I think that's all for today. I've been a bit disappointed cause the past few days I've only really been able to do the bare basics... I know we've been rush rush but I want to fit more into my day... I want to get more done around the house... ahh well I'll get their one day... I hope :D

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