Thursday, March 31, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day 2 Computer Desk and Day 3 Tupperware Cabinet

Day 2 of A bowl full of lemon's 21 Day Challenge is the Computer Desk.

The challenge only requires you to clear off and give your desk a good clean, but seeing as though I don't have a computer desk at the moment (I'm currently using my 1 year old son's chest of drawers to house my computer :) ), I thought I'd take a step further and go through the contents which would be stored in/on my computer desk if I actually had 1 :)

Here's the before pic's of my desk:

oops I didn't realise how gross my screen looked...I forgot to wipe that

And here's the after pic of the desk:

I must remember to wipe that screen :)

Here's the pile of "stuff" that I decided to go through that would be housed in/on the desk if I had one:

That big folder is the start of my House Hold Binder.

The Pooh Bear folder is all things babies, medical things, parenting things, breastfeeding things etc.

The other folders at that point in time weren't really much at all

All that paper was sorted through.

Rubbish in the bin, Recycling in Recycle bin, and the rest was put into correct folders.

The Pooh bear one is still all things babies/kids

The tiger one (I love tigers :) ) I decided to make it a recipe folder

and the blue one at the moment stores all good reading material about saving money, cleaning, organising etc.

And the sleeve is of scrap paper which I would've otherwise thrown out but I'm trying to recycle as much as I can, so now that's usually where I scribble down recipes.

I've put them all in the bigger folder for now to keep them neat.

This is my House Hold Binder, I find I usually call it my Home Management Guide. Probably because I first got the idea from Heather over at Want What You Have (such a great Blog I cannot recommend it enough), and her binder is called her Home Management Guide or HMG. I think that sounds cool :)

It's still in the making and I can't wait to get it all pretty and functioning :)

And this is what I'm left with out of that scary pile :)

Day 3 is the Tupperware Cabinet.

This was fun :)

A LOT of things went. :)

Here's how it looks:

Here's the stuff I'm very happily waving goodbye to :)
I'm very happy with the results with this challenge. I've tried to clean out this many times but end up getting fed up and putting EVERYTHING back...

Not this time:)

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  1. I'm so impressed with all the decluttering progress you've made! Thanks for linking up :)

    Heather at Want What You Have