Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Less Debt :)

We paid out 1 of our credit cards today, we couldnt be happier :) We're waiting for the payment to go thru and once that has happened we are cancelling it! We only ever used that card for interest free puchases for things we needed and wanted to keep it for just in casers, such as if the fridge goes etc, but the way we look at it, if we have it we'll use it if we don't have it we won't. If the worst does happen, there's always ebay lol. On to credit card number 2 :) YIPPEE lol

Well We didn't have to go anywhere today, thankfully, so spent the day at home. I spent most of the day with my kids. I love watching them play. I love their imaginations. They fascinate me. They're so free, happy, and full of love! I'm so thankful we made the decision for me to stay home, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner :)

Here's my list for today:

  • made beds
  • unloaded/reloaded dishwasher
  • load of washing
  • hung washing out
  • brought it in
  • folded 2 loads of washing (I naughtily left yesterdays lol)
  • put away 2 loads of washing
  • swished and swiped bathroom
  • quick vac with hand held
  • mopped bathroom floors
  • replaced Miss 4's quilt on bed, that was still drying last night
  • cooked lunch and dinner
  • filled up big outside rubbish bin with cr*p that was on the driveway (old melamine bed, 2x highchairs (highchair bases to be in next bin pick up) and general rubbish)
  • paid of c/c WOOHOOOOO :D
  • ate 2 english toffee cones ahem, plz ignore that one lol
  • general tidy
  • cleaned kitchen, not big clean, more a tidy up
I think that is all :) I'm very pleased with todays progress esp. since most my time was with the kiddies :)


  1. Hi Tubbah, I've never had any credit card debt in my life,however I can imagine how exciting that must be for you to have paid one off. Well done :) I was brought up in the era where if you didn't have the money you went without while saving for the item /items. And i will say it has stood me in great sted. In saying that I have a lot of friends who are older then I and they have heaps of credit card debt,Maybe it's just me then I would work out the interest I would have to pay and say no thank you to that idea. My frugal ways are paying off big time, We save for the important things like 30 solar panels, they will make us money in the long run.
    I've rambled on enough ! Well done:):)
    Sherrie From Simpleliving :):)

  2. Good work. Thanks for all your comments on my blog. Now following you. The list of to do's for us mum's never seems to end, but if you get done what you set out to do it is such a good feeling. You should be proud of your achievements.
    Sam (My Endless To Do's)

  3. Thanks for ur comments :)

    Sherrie - It is such a great feeling. I wish we never got them to begin with! We've set up different accts and are now saving for things we want instead of paying on credit plus excess in interest. Well done for saving up for 30 solar panels thats awesome :) We've got 8 so far, but I'd like to get a couple more. Anyway I really love ur blog and admire ur way of thinking/living. I hope to be more like u some day :)

    Sam - Thanks for following :) Ur right, it is never ending but also a great feeling once it is done. I love ur blog, ur doing a great job :) Keep it up