Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My very first Blog Award :)

I would like to say a very big thankyou for my lovely Blog Awards, to Peta at Great Googa Moogas and Sam at My endless to do's.
By accepting this award, I have to pass it on to 15 other Lovely Blogs that deserve this award. 
The Blogs that I am giving this award to are as follows:
  1. Want What You Have
  2. Stretching the One Income Dollar
  3. Simple Living
  4. Penniless Parenting
  5. The Radical Homemaker
  6. Cleaning out the Clutter
  7. Cranky Mum
  8. My Chaotic Home
  9. Happy Family Healthy Family
  10. A Slob Comes Clean
  11. A Little Order
  12. 3 under 4 and more
  13. Delightful Organization
  14. Domesblissity
  15. Everything has another use
Now I have to tell u seven things about me that u may not know. Here goes:

  1. When I was growing up I wanted to be a vet.
  2. I'm a thinker and it drives me insane lol...I'm always thinking, planning etc. It's good in a lot of ways, but not when my mind is buzzing at 2am :)
  3. I was married at 19 years old to my best friend and soul mate <3
  4. I have a dog and 2 cats (trying to get hubby to let me get a bunny or guinea pig "for the kids" but he aint budging lol)
  5. My Favourite Car is a Hummer... If u can call that a car...
  6. I love mangoes :)
  7. I want to learn everything there is to know about parenting, cooking, cleaning, frugality, being environmentally friendly...etc.. This is all new to me and I'm really excited to learn about it :) 


  1. You're very welcome Tubbah and I have to admit that I'm a thinker too and those 2am sessions can be a real drain lol.
    Keep up the great blogging.

  2. Thank you for the award , I will make time to do my answers Friday night . I'm working the next couple of days .

  3. Thanks so much Tubbah! Have updated my blog.

    Cheers, Anne

  4. Cranky mum, Anne and Nony, you are all very welcome :)

  5. Hi Tubbah, thankyou very much for the lovely award, I feel truly special, this is the third award I have received this week.WOW . I wont be following the rules with this one as I have already written 14 things about myself and passed it on to twenty one blogs already . I will post a link to your blog and I will put the award on my side bar with a link to your blog !
    Thanks again Sherrie from Simpleliving :)