Saturday, March 19, 2011

Starting Fresh

My Hubby and I welcomed our 3rd bub, a little boy in Jan of last yr (2010). We decided I would take as long as possible off work, not only to spend as much time as possible with our 3 children, but to try and gain control of our finances, home, family etc etc.

Having worked pretty much Full Time for the last 6 yrs, I was finding it hard to adjust to the SAHM role (as much as I was enjoying it) and this is where I stumbled across the world of blogging and found tonnes of information perfect for a mum of a crazy household... perfect for me lol :)

I had all intentions of returing to work outside the home, but after following many blogs, most of which were written by SAHM's, I started wondering if it was at all possible for me to become a SAHM... Could we afford it? Would I be able to cope? Is this the right decision for the family...?? So many questions were running thru my head, and as it turned out, with some adjustments we can afford it, it's VERY tight but we're getting by :) I'm happy to say I am coping, a lot better then I thought and YES it is definately the right decision for our family :). I resigned in Feb 2011.

The one thing that stands out with our decision for me to stay home is the happiness within the family. I even notice it in my young children (not so much the baby cause he's still so little) but the older 2 hated me going to work and they were always so rushed...I'd go to work in the am, hubby started in the pm so he'd drop the kids off at nanny's (my mum), I'd pick them up around 4ish, take them home cook wait usually order take away (tsk tsk lol), eat dinner, baths, bed... There wasnt much time to spend with them and if there was, I was so tired and grumpy. The house was a mess, the washing was overflowing, every one was grumpy, mummy and daddy were tired...

Things are soo much different now and honestly I have absolutely NO idea how we coped and i don't wanna go back there for a long while lol :)

This blog is to help me on my journey to regain order in our lives. Our finances, the house, our family, all need a lot of work and even though we've seen major improvements since I've been home, there's still a looooooooooong way to go :) Baby step by baby step I hope to have an organised house, perfect happy kids and not as much debt.... well no debt will be nice lol

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