Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pretty happy with today but missing my Girl

My Mum, Dad and my sister have taken my daughter and nephew to Tassie for the weekend. They left very early this morning so my lil girl had a sleep over at nanny's last night. They fly in late tomorrow night so will be staying at nanny's again and we won't see her til Monday. I'm a bit upset cause I have never let her be away from me this long and this far before, but I know she's safe and having a good time which makes me happy :)

So today was a pretty lazy day, hubby got some extra work from my brother so off he went, and I stayed with our 2 boys. It was a rainy day so I naughtily slept in til 9.20 am eeek lol. I'm not really a morning person and the past few weeks I've been trying to change that and get up early but today I slipped up lol. I felt terrible, but I guess I needed it. Usually on a day like this not much would get done and honestly my boys probably would've stayed in pj's, but as I'm trying to change our ways, I got them straight up, gave them both their brekky, dressed them, brushed teeth, hair etc then let them watch telly while I went off to do my daily "must do's" :)

  •  made all the beds
  • swished and swiped the bathroom
  • unloaded and loaded the dishwasher (with help from Mr 2.5 :) )
  • put a load of washing on
  • unloaded the dryer
  • folded up washing
  • put all washing away inc the day befores
  • quick vac under kids table
  • quick straighten up of the boys room, kitchen and loungeroom
I'm really pleased with the progress. Usually I'd run around like a chook with no head trying to clean everything at once, but that never worked and I'd always give up. I decided to give baby steps a go and it is definately working :) :)

Hubby came home around lunch time, we ate lunch then watched movies and played blocks with the boys until it was time for him to head off. Such a nice relaxing day but still got my "must do's" done :D YIPPEE

Hubby made my day the other day when he came home and said I did really well with the house and that he can notice such an improvement :) It was so good to hear that cause my hubby is a really great guy and understands I've had a rough trot recently with morning sickness, and some other things (I'll probably post more about them later). So he never really says anything about the house being a mess, he'd try and help out the best he can. He's gone for a night out with his mates tonight as a farewell to a mate who will be over seas for a yr. He deserves it, he works so hard, so I hope he has a good time :)

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