Monday, May 2, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day 12 Spice Cabinet

Day 12 of A Bowl full of Lemon's 21 Day Challenge is the Spice Cabinet.

I don't really have a spice cabinet, I have more of a spice tray so I decided to do the whole cupboard :)

Here's the before pic:

And the after pic:

Wow!! I can't believe my eyes. I think out of all the challenges I've done, personally, this would have to be the best outcome. I don't know why, maybe because this cupboard always seemed hard to organise because of its mostly non related contents.

The steriliser is out of it's box, which is top shelf up the back, as that is holding all newborn size bottles.

Anyway enough rambling :) Here's my purge pile:

The pile consists of:

  • Old falling apart potato box
  • Bottle steriliser (I have two, plus the dishwasher, and personally we prefer the microwave one)
  • The Steriliser box
  • 2 bottle lids (Not sure if the other one is in the pic)
  • A bag of all girlie coloured bottles
  • A small round tin which now houses my elastic bands
  • A snack oven - I think I've used this 4 times in the 6.5 yrs we've had it.

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