Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Organising Journey Recap

When I first started this Blog back in March, I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the state of our finances, overwhelmed by the state of the house and overwhelmed by my kids.

I had recently quit my job, which for so long I used as an 'escape' from my crazy household. It was an escape from the mess, an escape from the kids and an escape from any responsibility I was to be faced with at home.

When we made the decision for me to stay home, it was like I was thrown in the deep end. I could no longer 'escape'. I had to learn to deal with it. But I was more then happy to learn.

I signed up to countless organising sites, newsletters and blogs. All of which inspired me to start my own blog to keep an online 'journal' of my organising journey.

Looking back to before I started this Blog, the area in which I've noticed the best improvement is with our finances. Thanks to a payout, selling the second car and being smarter with our money, we've paid off over $10000 in debt this year, and I'm hoping to double that amount by the end of the year. We've tried budgeting, but have always blown them. For the past couple of weeks, we're finally starting to stick to one.
I can't wait to get a set budget in place after we refinance our mortgage next month. The money we save from that will be paid into the car loan, which we're aiming to pay off next year.

The next area would be the house. I've been following a few organising challenges, plus also doing a few of my own along the way. I've taken countless bags of stuff to the Op Shop, with many more in the garage, and two more I filled today to be donated. I can't believe where we stored it all before. I remember my husband and I discussing getting built in wardrobes for the kids rooms because the cupboards were overflowing. Well thanks to the decluttering, we've saved ourselves at least $1500 simply by decluttering.

I've definitely noticed an improvement with the family. I've got time to spend with the kids, not only to play, make, do etc but also to do 'home work'. I stocked up on sticker work books when they were half price at Big W. Adding, subtracting and some others. My daughter loves to do these. She'd do them all day if she could. I don't know where she got her love of maths from, certainly not me lol. My kids are so much more happier and healthier, as now I have the time to make nutritious meals, and make sure they eat them.

I didn't do much at all in terms of housework today, apart from the 'must do's'. I spent it with the kids. Miss 4, Mr almost 3 (In July :)) and myself did some baking. We made Choc banana loaf (was supposed to be muffins but they wanted it in the loaf pan :)), Chocolate cup cakes and Chocolate muffins. They were so happy especially Mr 3. I could spend all day with my kids. I love seeing them bring their imaginations to life. They fascinate me.

My husband and I have always had a great relationship, but things weren't the best while we were both working. We'd only see each other in passing. I'd get up at 5am. He'd head off to work at 3pm. I'd finish at 4pm. We'd see each other on days off or if we woke up during the night. That was pretty much it. We have so much more time for each other now. We make time once the kids have gone to bed, to have a couple of movie nights throughout the week. It feels so good to know we can now set aside time to spend with each other.

I'm happy with how far we've come since starting this journey and can't wait to see if/how things improve in the future.


  1. Sounds like you are on the up and up!

  2. I am so happy that organising has improved your life. It's such a great feeling when you can actually find things. It is improving my life also in more ways then one. Good on you for improving your financial life. This is something I think that is more likely to happen if you are more organised with your home. Your doing great.

  3. It's great that things are working for you!

  4. Thanks for ur comments :)

    Samantha - It is a great feeling :) Good to hear it's improving ur life too :)

  5. wow so awesome what you've accomplished!