Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To do list

This is my 'important' to do list that I mentioned in my last post. They are in order of importance. I'm aiming to have these done by Saturday.
  • Mr 1's Xray - asap
  • Mr 1's Dr's appt - Wednesday once we've received Xray results
  • Claim for expenses - asap
  • Register cat -  have to do by the start of June, so sometime this week
  • Baby Shower invites - it's in a month, so asap
They're the things that have to get done this week, and I know if I don't focus on these, they won't get done, apart from the medical ones of course.

My Plan

Xray -
Either my husband or I will take our son for the Xray first thing today.

Dr's appt -
My husband will take our son on Wednesday, as he needs his 2nd shot and he's a strong boy, I can't hold him down.

Claim for expenses -
I have started the expenses claim, so hopefully I'll have that finished and sent off by Wednesday (even earlier would be good)

Register Cat -
I have received the letter saying to register her by early June, so sometime this week, maybe after I take bub for his Xray.

Baby Shower invites -
Have already given some out, but will write some more up and send them out. I was putting this off, as I always put so much time and effort into making my own invitations, but my sister gave me a pad of invites she had leftover from her baby shower 6 yrs ago. As much as I wanted to make my own, I was so appreciative of the offer, as I really don't have time to make them like I usually do, and also I'm using something that would have otherwise been wasted. So it's a win win :)