Saturday, May 14, 2011

To do list - Friday 13th May 2011

Tomorrow the older kidlets will be at school, the hubby starts work a little earlier, so it'll just be me and the bub.

I like to have Friday as my deep cleaning day, but as it's my only day with the one bub I like to go visit family or friends, or like the last couple of weeks, go op shopping.

But last night got me thinking. If I do go into labour early again like the hospital have warned me they are expecting me to, then there's 12 weeks until he's here. I personally think I'll have a full term pregnancy, but I was caught off guard last year, I didn't even have a cot (1 broke the other is still being used, both were 2nd hand), his room wasn't prepared, clothes weren't soaked... So this time I want to be as prepared as can be.

Which leads me to my to do list for tomorrow. I know if I don't have something to keep me on track, I'll end up not doing the house work. So here it is: (I'll add a thing or two out of my before baby to do list)

  • Wash boys sheets
  • Make beds
  • Load of washing
  • General tidy
  • Vac'n all but main bedroom
  • Mopping
  • Deep clean bathroom - scrubbed shower and wall tiles so far
  • Continue with 21 Day challenge - Filing (been doing a bit each day so I'm not overwhelmed)
  • Finish dusting walls and roof in main bedroom.
  • Dust and clean fan in main bedroom 
  • Take time out for myself and bub
  • Vac laundry
  • Separate meat into meal portions and freeze done what I could, ran out of room in the freezer lol
  • Fold any/all loads of washing
  • Put away washing
  • Cook dinner
  • Kmart to pay layby - postponed, too tired
  • Sweep back porch
  • Grocery Shopping
I could add 1000 more things to the list but I best leave it at that and I'll add more if I have time to do more, but I highly doubt it.


  1. I get tired just looking at that list! I think if I wrote lists, I'd never get anything done. To-do lists scare me. I look at them and I get paralised. You've done well to cross out so much.

  2. Lol, so many times I write lists and not get anything done, but it was easier on Friday cause 2 of the kids were at school and I'd already posted my list on here, so I forced myself to do as much as possible lol