Monday, May 30, 2011

Odd Jobs and Renovations

Doing up our home is an important part of our lives along with all the other things we're trying to achieve. We wanted to buy an older style house so we could do it up to our liking and within our means. So far so good :)

My husband and I sat down together on Saturday night and wrote out a list of all the things we want done around the house. A realistic list. If it was up to my husband he'd get a motorcross ramp near the house as he reckons it'll be awesome to jump the house (He loves motorcross and unfortunately is a dare devil lol)... Hence the reason this is a realistic list :).

So many times we've written out lists of what we want done and we've even done budgets to allow us to get it. But we'd never actually made a plan or continued through.

It is so true in what they say, anyone can write out a to do list or a bucket list (or what ever list tickles their fancy), but most of the time it won't happen unless there is a plan in place on how to get there/complete it, especially if it involves money.

Well ours does involve money.

So here's what we've done.

  1. We both wrote down what we wanted to get done. Surprisingly it was exactly the same
  2. Wrote down the estimated/actual costs (we've had quotes done for some things)
  3. Put in number order of what is to be done (has changed order somewhat thanks to my husband, will explain later)
  4. Set a date for it to be done by (not everything, mainly many smaller things) 25th June
  5. Look into the financials to see if date is achievable - it is :)
  6. Got to work.
It was hard to number order some tasks, as some have been started, some ordered and awaiting installation (by professional), will explain in further later.

Here's what is on the list.

(In number order)

  1. Paint architraves/door frames and doors. Started/almost finished.
  2. Screen Door - Ordered, deposit taken.
  3. Skip bin - We weren't going to get one but at the moment our whole yard looks like a building site.
  4. Blinds - Quotes done, couple more to go.
  5. Deck Roof - Started.
  6. Sand and stain deck - will do once roof is completed, will be the same colour stain.
All these things we have some control over as financially we can afford them now and we aren't relying on other people to complete them, apart from the blinds and door, but we're going through reliable and recommended people/companies.

This is the rest of the list which we want done, but it depended on time, money and other people (installers etc.) as to why they didn't make the list above. They are in no particular order.

  • Repaint Hallway
  • Repaint Bathroom
  • Retaining Wall
  • Side Fence
  • Metal Lattice (to cover piers)
  • Front Fence/Sliding gate
  • Roller shutters
  • Re Seal Driveway
  • Side Gate (Driveway)
  • Pool - few years away yet
  • Extensions - few years away yet
So that's what we both agreed to on Saturday night. That's the order in which we'd do things, more or less. If the screen door get's installed before we finish painting, that's a bonus and beyond our control, just shows the screen door company are good lol.

Sunday morning was a whole new ball game. Notice how the retaining wall didn't make the cut on the 'numbered' list? Well in the time it took me in the laundry to sort colours, towels etc and start a load of washing, my husband had started to demolish the old retaining well. I'd left him 10 minutes earlier painting a door, and now found him ripping out bricks... Seriously this guy never stops lol.

I was gob smacked I did not know what to say... All I could manage was
''Are you serious?"
 I Left him to it and went and picked up our daughter from Nanny's and head to Kmart to get her some goggles for swimming. We came home and found he'd ripped out about half of the bricks, marked up where the new wall/steps are going and had started digging. Ohh and pulled out the posts from under the house. Thankfully they're the wrong size as I can guarantee they'd be set in concrete already.

So as you can see, our list has been altered. I told him we couldn't afford that on top of the others to be completed within the month. He said to scrap the skip bin. That's ok as they're costing about the same anyway. So at least now we know what's happening there.

There are a few things on the second list we'd prefer to have done over some on the numbered list such as, the side gate. Two of my brothers are fencers, and waiting for them to do it is like waiting to win lotto (that's extremely hard as I refuse to buy lotto lol), But they both work 6-7 days a week, and as they're doing it as a favour to us, I understand why it's taking so long.

So at the moment, we're planning to have the painting (of the architraves/doors) to be completed by Friday Night so we can start fresh on a new task on the weekend. Knowing my husband that'll be the retaining wall. The screen door will be installed Tuesday or Wednesday. We almost accepted a quote for the blinds, but we've decided to get a quote through a local highly recommended company. They're coming out on Thursday. If I get a chance on Friday, I'll paint the hallway, or at least wash down the walls. I know that isn't on the main list, but it's something I can do without my husband and won't cost anything as we already have the paint and supplies.

So that's the plan so far. Here's hoping it can get done in time :)


  1. You know you should be resting right? lol... but I completely understand that *need* to get things done asap... luckily your DH is on board - if not entirely focussed...

    Good luck.

  2. lol yeh i know :) Luckily all the contractions and bleeding have stopped so as long as I don't over do it I should be right - hopefully lol.. :)

    Thanks for comment