Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have been tracking my daily routine, and jotting it down every hour, for the last few days. I've already noticed where the "Time Wasters" are, and each day have noticed I slight change (for the better) in my routine, not only because it's a new day, but because I'm aware of my actions, and where I wan't to improve things.

The main areas in which need improving are as follows:
  • Go to bed earlier and/or get up earlier - I'm trying, I really really am :)
  • Watch less TV - Done! As long as I watch Home and Away I'm happy lol
  • Cut down Computer time - This is hard, but I have limited my computer time.
  • Leave the Mobile alone - Done! My bill was $16 higher then expected, so this ones easy to do.
  • Priotitise - Still Learning.
  • Lower my standards - I noticed a lot of my time was spent constantly cleaning/tidying, even though I'd already done a before bed tidy, plus a morning tidy.
  • Baking - I love it, but it was hard to find time, and/or I made excuses, so now I whip up something while dinners cooking. I get double the result, and less time wasted.
There's a few other issues, like washing, weeding etc, but I figure this all comes down to getting up earlier. As with today I got up at 7.30 (early for me) and I was able to do 3 loads, 2 dried, 1 was still a little damp because it was hung out later, and I got a fair bit of weeding done too. Made a nice Potato Bake for dinner, plus some biscuits and a carrot cake, which to my horror I ran out of butter and coudn't make the icing :( lol

(Sorry if this is a bit over the place, I'm doing some Maths with Miss 4)

 I've even had time to spend with the kids properly, and do some work with Miss 4, like Maths or Reading.

I am very happy with how things are turning out, and I already feel so much more at ease, and definitely do not feel so overwhelmed like I did before.


  1. wtg! sounds like you got lots accomplished!!

    this is something i really need to work on

  2. Seems like you have everything under control. I wake up too early to even function let alone do any of the housework or cooking. Time management is defiantly the key to getting things done. Limiting housework is good because you can find yourself overwhelmed by it very easily, also some days you can feel like that is all you do.

  3. Great to see that you are getting into the routine that you want.
    It's all baby steps and the fact that you've identified your time wasters is awesome.

  4. Thanks for ur comments :) I've still got a long way to go with getting a good routine underway, but I'm definitely happy with the progress :)