Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slipping back into old habits

We've been so busy since Saturday, that all new routines that had been put into place flew straight out the window.

Last Friday, I set myself a To Do List.

I'm pretty happy with what I was able to get done in the time I had, as I completely forgot about Grocery Shopping, and having to walk to pick up the kids (DH had the car), so I lost almost 2 hrs of precious cleaning time (I added Grocery Shopping to the list later in the day).
I've been really wanting to get in there and give the bathroom a good scrub, so I promised myself I'd get it done over the weekend.

Saturday came, My Husband got called into work, and head off at 6am (I'm used to having him here in the mornings and off to work in the afternoon) People popped in and a very disobedient almost 3 yr old made it impossible to complete the task.

Sunday came, we had a birthday party to go to which was smack bang in the middle of the day, so apart from getting up, doing the bare basics and getting everyone ready, there wasn't much time to do it in the morning. So I thought I'd do it when we got back. Well, we stayed at the party 2 hrs longer then planned (we wanted to stay for an hr but the kids were having a ball and it was a fantastic party). We got home and all had some hot chocolate and I was all ready to tackle the bathroom and my brother and his fiance showed up. They had a lot of things they wanted to sort out and seeked our thoughts and opinions (They're wanting to buy a house and get married in the next couple of years). So they were here for a few hrs. Once they left I pretty much had time to get dinner, bath the kids, shower and head off to bed.

Monday and Tuesday (today) were the same - Swimming lessons, Antenatal appts, Top up Grocery shop (hubby decided he wanted to stretch Fridays big shop over 2 weeks, but in order to do that we needed some things. Numerous phone calls to finalise things... amongst all the chaos I didn't really get my daily must do's done.

My kids have been really clingy the past 2 days (Probably cause we've been so busy), so yesterday I took them outside for a play and they helped me weed the garden and transfer some plants. I know I could've easily got the bathroom done in that time and caught up on my daily must do's but I also need to spend time with my kids and give them plenty of options to know they're 'helping' and spending time with mummy.

Today however, I did get more done then I expected, as along with having a busy morning, I really felt like doing nothing as I was annoyed and overwhelmed by all the mess and by how I was slipping back into old ways. This is where I came up with my 'Total Chaos Recovery' (Will add details in another post). I followed the steps in my TCR and within an hr, I was satisfied with my house.

As that had got me in the mood, I ended up scrubbing the bath, vanity and over toilet storage, and now all I have left to do in the bathroom, is to clean the mirror, shower screen, vac and mop the floor. HOPEFULLY I can do that tomorrow :)

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