Friday, May 6, 2011

I Love Op Shops

I'm fast becoming addicted to Op Shopping (Thrift Stores). I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing... lol

Normally I might go Op Shopping 3-4 times a year, sometimes if that. Not because I'm opposed to it, but mainly because I never thought of it when I was working outside the home. If I needed to get something I just got it while I was out.

This year though, I've probably been about 5-6 times, maybe even more. The past 2 Fridays, I've dropped the older kidlets at preschool, went grocery shopping (this week I spent $24.57 woohoo), Went back home, did some house work, dropped Hubby down mums (he borrows my dads car for work on Fridays), then Mum, Mr 1 and myself go up the 2nd Hand Store.

Last week I thought I did good with the amount I got for the $10 I spent (best buy was a pair on industrie pants for myself for .50c).

This week I did even better. I did spend more then last week, total being $18, but I got quite a bit:
  • Barbie Quilt Cover set - $3
  • Flannelette Car print Sheet set - $3 (barely used, and the pillow case looks brand new)
  • Rain Coat sz 5
  • Baby Blanket - $1 (I have many baby blankets, but this one's nice and big and perfect for the cot)
  • Girls pants sz 5
  • Hi 5 Girls 3/4 pants sz 5
  • Girls Target shorts sz 5
  • Girls MK mini shorts sz 5
  • Target Dora skirt sz 5
  • Girls long sleeve shirt sz 5
  • Girls Tweety jumper looks around a sz 6-7
  • Girls Cotton Long sleeve/pants PJ set sz 6
  • Girls 2pc Lizzie Mcguire skirt ad singlet set sz 10 (looks about an 8 though)
  • Mango Girl Denim shorts sz 10
  • Supre denim shorts xxs
  • Boys Urban Culture long sleeve top sz 5
  • Boys World Industries Top sz 7
  • Crossroads top not sure what sz maybe a 10-12
  • Nice Blue/Aqua material Place mat which I'll use to store my centrepiece on the kitchen table :)
Most things being 50c.

Apart from a couple of going out clothes for my daughter for winter next year, I am done with next years winter stuff for the family :) Who knows, maybe she'll still fit into this years stuff.

I spent almost $300 at Target on Miss 4's winter stuff for last yr (and this yr as I buy clothes a sz bigger to get more wear), and to be honest I didn't bring much home for that price.

I get the majority of the boys stuff off my sister, as her son is a couple of years older then my boys, and my sister goes crazy buying kids clothes so most of the stuff is in perfect, barely worn condition. I don't mind, I'm getting almost new/new stuff for a fraction of the price hehehe :)

I do still buy some new stuff for them, as it's always nice to have some new stuff, plus I can't resist when I see motor bike, dinosaurs or pirates when it comes to my son. He LOVES them lol :)

Anyways, here's a couple of pics of my purchase today.


  1. Nice score Tubbah.
    I love to op shop for a bargain and by nearly all our school clothes from there. Most of bub's stuff has been picked up at the op shops too.

  2. Great finds. I love op shopping too. It's really great to find kid's stuff as they grow up so fast. I find there is always more girls stuff then boys stuff. If I had a girl I would spend up big at op shops. I have been caught in the trap of buying too much stuff at op shops that I don't wear or use, so next time I op shop I am really going to think carefully about my purchases. It's hard when everything is so cheap.

  3. I haven't seen any school clothes at the local op shops unfortunately, but I know I can get them 2nd hand at the school, so that'll help.

    I used to buy so much that never actually got used aswell, and like u, I'm more careful in what I buy now. I'd have to agree with there being more girls stuff, the boys stuff we looked at yesterday was the same stuff that has been there the past few times we've been, apart from the couple of bits I bought.

    I've got a lot of soaking to do today, all the stuff I bought yesterday plus I was naughty and havn't yet done last weeks stuff lol.

  4. You've got some great bargains there. I finally reposted the Kreativ Blogger award, sorry it took me so long.

  5. Thanks Tat, will head over to your's and take a look :)