Thursday, May 12, 2011

Quick Tidy - Utensils Drawer

I'd often open my utensil drawer and wonder what on earth I was going to do in there... I really wanted one of those drawer organisers but wasn't going to pay the price.

I tidied it a few times and it would always end up a mess again. It was driving me bonkers. I really needed a system in there... Then I remembered my old dish rack and cutlery holder that I had put away for the garage sale. I grabbed them out, checked to see if they'd fit and to my delight they did :)

I washed the dish rack and cutlery holder in hot soapy water and let them dry.

I pulled everything out of the drawer and sorted through it all. I vac'd up all the crumbs with my handheld and gave it a good wipe over.

I placed the organisers in there and arranged the utensils nicely in them.

Here's the pics:

I love it even more because I've reused something I already had instead of buying something new :)

My nice, organised drawer was short lived as Mr 1 decided he'd go in there and pull out all my wooden spoons and play drums... lol... I don't mind, it kept him out of other mischief :)

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