Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thing's To Do before baby arrives

Tomorrow, I'll be 18 weeks pregnant :) and as with all of my other pregnancies,  I'm once again writing a list of all things I would like to get done before bub arrives... this time there's one difference. I'm no longer working outside the home so I'll hopefully have more time to dedicate to my list :)
There's things I've already started doing which if I stick to, will make a big difference by the time bubs is here. This list will always change, I'll be forever adding new things and crossing things off, but it's all part of my quest to be a happy mum in a happy, clutter free, organised home.
I'll still post mini to do list's like the one posted yesterday, for general home maintenance/appts etc, because I am honestly really surprised at how much I've crossed off the list already. 6 months ago I honestly probably wouldn't have even crossed 1 thing off.
Here's my list:

Boys Room:
  •  Purge any broken, unwanted, unnoticed toys. Organise rest of toy's.
  • Go through clothes: Throw, donate, put Mr 2's too small clothes away for Mr 1. Organise clothes
  • Organise every drawer, cupboards, under beds...everywhere.
  • Dust walls, fan, window sill, architraves etc.
  • Wipe over with damp cloth, the above areas.
  • Wipe off the lovely "family" drawing on the wall that Miss 4 did last year.
  • Steam clean Carpets.
Miss 4's Room:
  •  Go through clothes: Throw, donate, put too small clothes away. Organise clothes.
  •  Go through toys: Throw, donate and organise.
  • Organise every drawer, cupboards, under beds...everywhere.
  • Dust walls, fan, window sill, architraves etc.
  • Wipe over with damp cloth, the above areas.
  • Steam clean Carpets.
Main Bedroom:

  • Go through clothes: Throw, donate, reuse - rags, nappy liners etc. Organise clothes.
  • Go through all drawers, wardrobe, under the bed and anywhere else clutter seems to breed.
  • Dust walls, fans, window sill, architraves etc.
  • Wipe over above areas with damp cloth.
  • Remove computer from main bedroom in order to make room for bubs basinette.
  • Rearrange room.
  • Maybe repaint feature wall.
  • Steam clean carpet.

  • Wipe down walls.
  • Paint walls (hasn't been done since before we started renovations)
  • Clean grout
  • Finish floor sealer
  • Clean out under sink
  • Clean out over toilet storage
  • Repaint roof


  • Go through all cupboards and drawers - throw, donate and organise.
  • Dust walls, fan etc.
  • Wipe down above with wet cloth.
  • Bulk cook and freeze meals before bubs arrives
  • Fix leaking sink - Job for the husband :)
  • Paint roof

Lounge room:

  • Go through all drawers - throw, donate, organise everything.
  • Get TV cables put through wall (TV's mounted to wall and at the moment the cables are an eye sore).
  • Steam clean rug.
  • Spack Fill crack in roof
  • Repaint roof
  • Dust walls, fan, window sill etc.
  • Wipe over above with wet cloth.


  • Dust walls and architraves.
  • Wipe over above with wet cloth.
  • Repaint walls.
  • Repaint roof.

  • Thorough clean.
  • Wash walls.
  • Wash Roof.
  • Finish painting window frame

Inside general:

  • Paint all doors
  • Paint all architraves (doors and architraves were installed new a year ago and still haven't been painted...ooops lol)
  • Get screen door for back door.
  • Stock up on as much things as I can before baby comes - toothpaste, toilet paper, baking goods...
  • Catch up on kids photo albums.
  • Install Blinds.


  • General tidy.
  • Weed Gardens.
  • Plant more veges.
  • Do retaining wall.
  • Get side gate finished.
  • Clean out garage.
  • Do Decking Roof
  • Level out Retained area near garage.
  • Hire skip and remove all the junk
  • Reseal Driveway
  • Rehome the small yellowy shrub
  • Hopefully sell second car... I don't want to because it's my commodore and I LOVE it but it's costing far too much money and it's a want not a need... :( lol
  • Re use bricks by making a brick path down the side of the house where nothing but weeds seem to grow.

Ok, I think that's it... I know theres waaayyyy more to be done and I doubt I'll get half of that done but who know's... maybe some little elves with appear and do it all for me :D hehehehe


  1. lol at Miss 4's family picture. We've had a few of those to wipe off over the years.

    I'm amazed at how much more I get done when I have a list and it was bub's pending arrival that motivated me to get a lot done so that I too could be a calm, happy mummy in a clutter free home.

    Good luck with your list and I'm sure you'll do great. Just remember to take it easy lol

    Did you see IHeartOrganisings purge challenge for April? it might help with your decluttering.

  2. lol the pictures so cute, at first I didn't want to wipe it off, but she's done plenty more on paper so I think it can go :)

    You're too right about the list, I noticed that too. I tried on paper but I never stuck to it, or I'd lose the paper.. Now I got more time, I'm really excited to see how much we can get done before bubs arrives :) How far are u now?

    Thanks Peta :) take it easy?? what's that?? lol :)

    I did see IHeart Organisings challenge, I think that and a long with ur 101 things in 101 days and a few other blogs challenges gave me the kick I need lol.. So I say thankyou :)

  3. You're very welcome ;~}
    I'll be 30 weeks on Monday, on the home stretch now and should easily have my list finished by then.
    I'm having a day at home today so will try to get a heap done before I post an update tonight.
    Every pregnancy I have a list in my head of what I want to get done and I rarely get close but this time I'm so pleased with what I've managed to achieve.