Friday, April 29, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day 10, Laundry

This is probably the worst room in the house, as it is an external laundry so unfortunately seems to store all the muddy shoes and dirty bits that quickly get picked up before it rains. My husband has recently excavated the backyard, and with all the rain we've had, equates to a lot of mud...and a lot of mess...

This whole cleaning challenge took about 20 minutes (I still have to vac and mop, but will do that once it stops raining and can get the vac out there)

Before pics:

Lovely white Dryer top there...

This is the artist who decorated my Dryer top. Isn't she cute :) :)
The other artist isn't in the pic, he's too good for us apparantly (He's a Russian Blue and a total snob, but he's cute too :))

First off I started with the cupboard. I pulled everything out, gave it a clean and organised all that was to be put back in.

  • The drop sheets for painting will be stored with the painting stuff in the garage.
  • I organised all animal bits, like Shampoo, brush, Flea and heartworm treatments altogether in that little yellow tub which originally stored many empty paint pots and playdough pots, so I turfed the lot and reused the tub.
  • Gave the cat and dog heart worm tablet and a flea treatment each
  • Put Hair Clipping sets together in a plastic bag (we have 2, one doesn't work but hubby won't part with it...why? who knows lol)
Then I took that extension cord out to the garage, along with toys that went in the cubby.
Wiped over the Dryer, Washing Machine and top of sink (will give it a good Flylady clean tomorrow)

Here it is now:

Washing related stuff, Hair Clippers, then Pet stuff on the bottom shelf
Top shelf is. Cleaning supplies, Fish food which I'm giving to my cousin, Bath hose and a bag of bags

Much better :) I've shut the door so the critters don't get back in and decorate.

Will update once I've vac'd, mopped and shined the sink


  1. Great job. I wish every laundry was as big as a master bedroom. I mean there should be a place to fold and hang up clothes in every laundry. You should be proud of your hard work today. Good on you.

  2. Thanks Sam :) I totally agree with you. I'd love one of those laundrys with space to fold, iron, dry etc. We looked into getting the flat pack laundry, but it's no point when there's no room to do anything in. We're looking to extend in a few years and we both agree that a bigger laundry is something we need.