Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Tidy of the Nappy drawer.

I've been meaning to use Cloth Nappies on the boys a lot more then I actually have, but with the state my nappy drawer was in, it seemed so much easier to grab a disposable out and that's that. I admit I wasn't bothered searching for the liners, the covers etc (my so called waterproof nappies are the complete opposite, so my cousin has sent over a couple for the boys to try out and I love them).
Now I'm a SAHM, we're having to cut costs as much as possible and also, I want to do my part to help the environment. So Cloth nappies it is. This is where I decided it was about time I tackled that drawer lol...

Those pilchers are only there because I had just found them in my daughter's drawer lol, otherwise they'd be outa sight....

This lovely layout is thanks to my little darling Mr 1....he loves redesigning :)

  • So out comes everything.
  • I put aside all rubbish and things that did not belong in the drawer
  • I rounded up all the nappy sacks that Mr 1 had pulled out, and for now I've put them in another nappy sack (will put in box or something at later date, this was a very quick tidy)
  • Everything was put back in and organised.

Here's the rubbish pile...

And the collection of stuff Mr 1 squirreled away into the drawer :)

I love him, he's so funny lol

and the end result....

 I like it much better this way,
let's see if Mr 1 does too.... (I highly doubt it lol)



  1. Everything goes into the collection, doesn't it? I love it when the drawres are neat and tidy, only they don't usually stay that way for very long.

  2. Kids are wonderful at helping reorganise lol.
    I love MCN's and am still tossing up whether to use them with bub. He's a winter baby so I think I may wait until Spring when I know I'll be able to get them dry without the house looking like a Chinese laundromat.
    I have some terry and flannelette flats though that can go in the dryer.

  3. Thanks for your comment Tat :) lol yep everything goes into the collection. Today I found his bottle and his fork... lol... Nah they don't stay tidy for long, I've tidied it up numerous times since then :)

  4. Lol at the chinese laundromat, i know what u mean though, it is a pain trying to get them dry...I've got the AIO without pockets(that annoyingly leak even though they're not meant to) and they're pains to get dry in the winter, but the ones my cousin sent over AIO OSFA with pockets are awesome!! I've found a great deal on ebay for 10 for $44 or something (can't remember exact price) so gonna grab some more... plus baby beehinds are having a sale, but I can't really afford them at the moment as they've disabled their layby option while the sales on :( ah well don't have the money to spend anyway lol...
    Yeh wait until spring if its easier, I'm due 7th sept, I'll use disposables for the first few weeks cause I got 1 box of huggies newborn, 3 babylove infant, 2 bebe infant or crawler and 2 big bags of cosifits which I still have left over from Mr 1...I was gonna pass them onto my friends who are preggers, but figured I may aswell use them esp at night.
    What brand and type of MCN do u like?