Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm changing my outlook on life...

...because of this...
...which led to this...
I'll explain what happened in a moment.

As you know, since I've become a SAHM, we've been finding it a little tough financially, and selling the second car was an option we had been considering. After our visit to the Dr last week, our decision was made for us - we had to sell the car. Our 2.5 yr old son may require surgery. We both decided we were not going to go public, even though we don't have health cover. We want to know and trust the person who will be performing the surgery (if he does require it, which hopefully he doesn't) and we will find the money to pay for it somehow. We have found a brilliant and highly recommended Pd Surgeon, and we're looking forward to meeting with him.

Which leads me to the sale of the car.

My husband listed the car on E-Bay and we both had a price in mind in which we would not go under. Little did we know, the head gasket was blown...or I should say will go at any time.
The man that came to look at the car brought his mechanic who told us how much it'll cost to get fixed, so we contacted our mechanic who is a good mate and he second that the head gasket was on its way out and it would be costly to fix.

When hubby came in and told me what was wrong, I got so upset and emotional and felt like a tonne of bricks was coming down on me... this was just our luck... every time we want to do something, it either goes wrong or we have to go through the worst to get there. Then I stopped and thought... wait a minute... what if I was driving down the freeway doing 110km's with my children in the car and it blew??? The car was broken. We don't need the extra stress of keeping it and getting it fixed. What if something else went on it, after we got it fixed?

My husband didn't want to sell it for $4500, which is what they'd offered to pay for the car as is. We did not want to go under $6500.... I said sell it. It's broken, I don't want it, we need the money, get rid of it. I was happy... why I don't know. I was laughing and I was happy... I was not dwelling on it and thinking why this why me...??? Something made me stop and think of the positives rather then the negatives.

I loved that car it was good looking and I fell in love with it the second I saw it... but it was time to let it go... and I'm happy :) It was the right decision...

And then this...

My 2.5 yr old son has had high temps which have been yo-yoing since Thursday. The first pic was how I found him when his temperature rose for the first time (within this cold/flu) on Thursday. I took his temp and it was 39.5. I managed to get it down and he seemed fine, he was back to his normal loud, crazy, lovable self. It was up and down on Friday, but yesterday, he was really lethargic and I could not get it under 38.1. His eyes were rolling back in his head and he passed out. I rang mum who told me to wake him up and take him to the after hours GP or the hospital. I woke him up and his eyes rolled back in his head again and he started having a seizure. I didn't know what it was at that point in time, I thought he was having a shaky wake up moment... I took him to the lounge room, put him on the lounge, went and got changed ( I was rushing so wouldn't have been more then 2 minutes) came back out and he'd passed out again. I woke him up and he had yet another fit. I had never experienced that with my children before. We went to emergency and his temp was at 39.5 again, and we found out he had Febrile Convulsions/seizures brought on by the fever. I was in shock as I'd never heard of this before, and seeing my child hooked up to machines absolutely killed me. He is at risk of having more seizures if he gets another temperature/fever and have been advised to go straight to ER if he has another episode.

This didn't break me either. It was like a test or something. Even though as stressful, scary and upsetting as it was, I was and still am happy he is OK. He is such a strong willed boy and I'm so thankful to be his mum :)

So, I've decided not to let negative things in my life bother me, and to focus on the positives. Yes my son was in hospital last night, but he is happy and well :) Yes we lost money on the car, but we still sold it and made some money which we didn't have to begin with :)

So far this change had been working and it's a change I'm welcoming :)


  1. How terrifying for you with your poor son!

    I'm glad you are looking at the positives. Its certainly not always easy, but its better than the alternative.

    Hopefully your son wont need surgery.

  2. Thanks for your comment AM :)

    Hopefully he wont't need it, it's a scary thought.
    It is definately a nicer feeling then looking at the negative, I hope I learn to stick to it lol