Tuesday, April 12, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day 7 Pantry

I have gone through and organised all but the bottom shelf which is where we dump store our filing. This will be done on Day 17 which is the Mail.

Here's my before pic:

Very umm...unorganised lol
again so sorry for the blurry pics

  • Everything was removed from the pantry and I wiped the inside.
  • I then went through and chucked out any rubbish and put aside anything that did not belong in there.
  • I had so many packs of things for baking that I placed in a little plastic tray I found. All little baking things like vanilla essence or food colouring etc was placed in a little box. I emptied opened packets into containers and then organised them all.
  • I did the same with the other shelves and here's the end result:

Yaaayyy I free'd up a shelf :)

Top shelf is for the electric mixer, slender mixer, yoghurt maker and fondue set
Second shelf down is all baking goods
Next is savoury stuff
Then it's brekky/drinks and the lolly jar in the back lol
Here is what I thought was all the junk...

...Until I realised I missed a shelf...

I have no idea what any of that was doing in there but I'm happy it's gone lol
And here's my umm... filing ...*ahem*

 I'm not looking forward to this one lol


  1. My filing is a mess at the moment I plan to tackle some of it today. It astounds me how easily it multiplies and gets out of control.

    Your pantry looks great by the way.
    I found a hair band in mine sitting next to the sauce bottles, I have no idea how it got there.

  2. Thanks Peta :) Lol at the hairband :) It's amazing what things you find and where you find them... Today I noticed Mr 2 trying to get one of those little toy trains out of the round hole thing in the sub box... No guessing who put it in there Mr 1 lol...

    How did ur filing go? u can come do some of mine if u like, I don't mind :) I can't wait til we become a paperless society. That'll make our lives so much easier.