Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An update on the declutter

I'm Trying to declutter as much stuff as I can before bubs arrives. I'm going through the rooms bit by bit so the kiddo's don't catch on to what I'm doing (esp. when I'm purging forgotten toys lol).

Miss 4 asked why I was bagging up some toys and I explained they are going to charity to help people who may not be so lucky to get such wonderful toys as she has and would she like to donate a toy. She happily and proudly said yes, so we head off to her room she starts looking at all her toys, and I could tell she really wanted to help, but she couldn't bare to part with any and she says 'How about a book mummy, can I donate a book?' I was so proud of her, so I picked one a knew she had a double up of, and off she went to pop it into the bag :)

This is what we've taken to the Op Shop so far:

  •  8 Bags, mostly toys and clothes
  • 1 box filled with clothes
  • and a DVD player
I cannot wait to get stuck in and find some more stuff to purge :)

Hope you're all doing well with your journeys/challenges :)

Ohh yeah and I sold a Nappy box full of baby clothes to mum for $30 :)

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