Wednesday, April 27, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day 9, Toy Organisation

Ok.... This one I did not want to do... The thought of organising ALL their toys freaked me out.

When I did make a start on it, I'd only have so long before Mr 1 would come along and undo literally everything I'd done, some one would come over unannounced, the dog would get into the laundry and attack its food bag... There was always something stopping me from finishing. So I decided to tweak it a bit to make it a tad easier in accomplishing this task. I decided I would focus on Miss 4's toys only for now, as sorting through the boys wardrobes has been an ongoing process anyway (I'm almost done yay :))...

At first I felt like I hadn't completed the task as I hadn't organised every single toy, but isn't this whole journey about finding your own way on the road to organisation and simplicity? So if that means I have to tweak the challenge a bit in order to have some organisation then bring it on :) lol

As I finish the boys room and the toys in the lounge room I'll update this post :)

I did a post a few weeks back about tidying up my daughters room, which you can find here
I knew this room wouldn't stay tidy for long, esp. without a system in place for the toys. So that's exactly what we did today.


Why she has Mr 2.5's baby toy is beyond me...

Absolute chaos... I honestly can't remember the last time I went through this side of the cupboard. I feel so ashamed saying that, but it's the truth...and it's kinda obvious anyway lol

I've got to grab some labels next time I'm out, but I've showed and told Miss 4 what's where, and I made her tell me where things were so I knew she understood.

Bottom shelf is her Dress up shelf... Dress up shoes are at the back in their little box and costumes are in the little pig bag. I couldn't part with it so I put it to use lol.

Middle shelf is all things Barbie


Top shelf is all things doll related

Right up the top I've stolen and that's where I store baby things for the time being, like the nappy bag, bassinette mattress etc etc

This one isn't the neatest but I asked Miss 4 what she would like in there and she told me her big doll set (too big to fit in with the others) and her two fluffy white dogs. I asked her later on what was in the main part and she remembered :)

Ohh and the little child is Mr 1 :) He's walking now and so much happier :) :)

Here we have:

  • Dora the explorer things.
  • Kitchen stuff minus food that's kept in their trolley.
  • Her ball
  • Horses/unicorns
  • Leap Frog thing
  • Medical Kit
  • Skipping Rope
  • That one I think will be reserved for stray stuff
  • Same as this one where ever it is

I have a pic from a couple of weeks back at an attempt to organise the lounge room toys, we did separate and put away a few things but the next day it looked as though we didn't touch it

Watching My Kitchen Rules Grand Final lol

Sorting through the mess.. Most of that was returned to their rightful home... A lot has been brought back... some some one... I wonder who??? lol


  1. great job on tackling this challenge. i need to do it again

  2. Thanks Amanda :) It's a never ending task trying to contain toys isn't it. Hope alls going well for u and ur family.

  3. I desperately need to sort through Munchkins toys. I struggle so much with having space to put things, toys, clothes, teddies, etc. Looking forward to having our own place, with space for it all!