Thursday, April 21, 2011

Todays routine 21/04/11

I'll be doing a few posts on routines while I'm on my journey to get up earlier, learning about, and putting into practice, time management.

8am: Out of bed, got kids up, got their brekky, started a load of washing, got them dressed, did their teeth and hair. I got dressed, teeth and hair done.

9am: Miss 4 and Mr 2 off to school.

9.15: Back home, hung 1st load, started another.

9.30: Had brekky, chatted with hubby and fed bub his 2nd and 3rd brekky (being mine and my husbands lol)

10am: Made beds, swish and swiped the bathroom, general tidy, re-organised boys drawers thanks to Mr 2 pulling everything out to play 'dress ups'. Fed animals.

11.15: Dropped Hubby down my parents as he is borrowing my dad's car for work. Chatted to Mum, Dad, Nan and Pop for a bit.

11.50: Returned home and put bubs to bed.

12pm: Hung next load out.

12:15: Had lunch and chilled for half an hr

12.45: Made a start on the room (everything was put in it's rightful home, wiped over, vac'd every nook and cranny)

2.30: Bubs woke up, he had lunch and I had another lunch lol. We played for a bit.

3.15: Got washing off the line.

3.30: Got ready to pick up the kiddies.

3.50: Got to mums (Miss 4 is having a sleep over) Chatted with the family for a bit, kids ate chocolate, played, rode bikes/scooters/go carts.

4.30: The boys started getting grumpy as they were both very tired so started getting ready to come home.

5pm: Back home, started dinner and refilled our drink bottles and put in freezer ready for our trip to the Easter show tomorrow (which reminds me I'm meant to be baking snacks to take...ooops lol)

5.50: Ate dinner, Bub watched telly for a bit, while Mr 2 and Mummy picked clothes for tomorrow.

6.30: Cut both the boys hair (Bubs first hair cut :) ).

6.55: Boys in the tub.

7.10: Boys off to bed. Mummy watched TV and ate Bread and Butter Pudding :)

7.30: Blog time :)

8.18: Still Blog time lol :)

Tomorrow we'll be up at 6am and at 7.15 meeting at my parents, ready for everyone to head of to the show by 7.30... Everyone meaning, Me and my family, so Me, DH, Miss 4, Mr 2 and Mr 1, My mum and my nephew (5y/o), My Brother and his Fiance. We'll be having lunch with my sister, My nephews mummy, as she's working at the show. Should be a fun day and I can't wait to see the kids faces light up :)

We're taking our own food and drinks (I might be naughty and buy hot chips cause I LOVE hot chips lol)...

Hubby and I have agreed $20 each for the kids for showbags, except for the little feller, he's happy with food so we'll get him a couple of the choccie bags, so a lolly/chocolate one plus a character one, or how ever they want it as long as its within the amount allocated. I personally would rather them stick to food bags that way we don't have all that uneeded cr*p coming back into the house. Me, I'll get chocolate heheheh :)

I hope everyone's doing well with their journeys :)


  1. Good job Tubbah and enjoy the show.
    It may take a few days or weeks for you to feel good about getting up early (remember it takes 21 days to form a habit) but if it's what you want then you'll be glad you persevered and don't be too hard on yourself if you slip up and sleep in.

  2. This post is making me tired!!! I forgot how constantly busy you are when you have little kiddies!!

    Enjoy the show and have a great Easter.

    Cheers Sammy

  3. Thanks Peta :) I'm feeling so much better already about getting up earlier, and I've been feeling buggered by 9-10pm so usually I'm in bed around that time which has been helping too :) I did sleep in Saturday but I think I needed the sleep after the Show on Friday so I didn't mind lol.

    Thanks Sammy :) Lol yeah my kiddies keep me busy, and it's funny when they're at pre school and the younger one in bed I get so lost with myself cause I'm so used to being busy lol.

    Hope u all had a great Easter :)