Thursday, April 7, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day 6 Dresser Drawers

Day 6 of A Bowl full of Lemon's 21 Day Challenge, is the Dresser Drawers.
Now with this challenge, I've only gone through and organised 3 out of the 4 main drawers, and here is why;
  • The small top right drawer was my first draw I decluttered in Day 1 of the challenge - the junk drawer. As this was the most junkiest drawer, I chose this one.
  • The small top left drawer I'll do at a later date, as it is supposed to be a stationary draw, but as I'm decluttering other areas, I'm finding many pens, pencils and other stationary in which I want to go through and will eventually be stored in this drawer. So I might make this drawer my challenge for Day 21 - Pick your own.
  • The bottom drawer is where we store all our photos/albums, so this drawer will be gone through on Day 20, which is photo day.
  • The top of the dresser drawers at the moment is my storage for DVDs, CD's and computer games which'll be going on the garage sale Saturday Week.
So what I could actually complete out of this challenge I'm very pleased with. I even free'd up a whole draw :) (which was quickly filled up with Mr 1's winter PJ's, that poor kid's clothes are spread over 2 rooms and through 3 different Chest of drawers)

Anyways here's the before pics :

Please excuse all the blurry pics, my battery charger for my digital camera is broken, so I've been having to use my phone and it's not very good lol

I pulled everything out of the drawers.

Purged a whole drawers worth.

And put everything back in nice and neat :)

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