Wednesday, April 6, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day 4 Linen Closet

Day 4 of A bowl full of lemon's 21 Day Challenge is the Linen closet.

I've been meaning to tackle this one for a while now - it was an absolute mess! Every time we opened the door something would come toppling out. It got to the point where we just washed and reused the towels/sheets that were already out just so we wouldn't have to open those doors lol.

Ok... *takes deep breath* ...
Here it is...or was...

I removed everything and started with the towels.
I took all baby towels out ready to be soaked and put in the drawer for bubs.
Next I went through all the main towels, I only left out one which was pretty daggy and I'll use for doggy baths or cut up for nappy boosters.
Then I went through the beach towels and allowed 2 towels per child - I think that's more then reasonable...
I kept all the kids bath towels as there was only 2 each, except for 3 girlie ones, but with another girl on the way I kept them :)
Sheets - I Left out unmatching sets which I'll use for a range of things, such as drop sheets for painting, rags, nappy liners etc
Blankets - I'm keeping ALL blankets, as I'm hoping not to use the heater at all anymore, unless absolutely necessary, so from now on it's blankets and jumpers :)

Oh yeah, and all kids stuff was returned to their rooms...

Here's the final result...

Hmm if only it'll stay like that :)

The day after I tidied it up, Hubby put away some washing and just plonked all the towels in there without separating into correct piles... It bothered me a little bit because I don't want it to return to how it was but I was happy and appreciative that he was helping out :)

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