Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3D Ultrasound - 20 weeks

On the weekend, I had a 3D ultrasound done to confirm baby's gender and to get a look at the bub. Baby is definitely a boy, he was showing the goods as soon as the probe thing was put on my belly lol...typical male :)

We got some really cute pics, but unfortunately he constantly had his arm up covering the right side of his face...every ultrasound I've had he's had that arm up...must get that from me lol...

Anyways here's some pics of our little feller for your viewing pleasure :)

I love the last one, looks like he's doing some model pose showing his "guns" lol

:) :) We can see Mr 2.5 in him, especially around the nose area.

We can't decide on a name. We've gone through so many but nothing seems right... Hopefully it'll come to us soon :)


  1. Love the pics of your little man. Our little guy always has his hand up over his face too, makes it really hard to get a decent face shot but at least I'll have that surprise when he's born.

    Congrats again on your little boy.

  2. Thanks so much Peta :) Aww ur lil man had his hand up too? It's so cute but at the same time you're right about not being able to get a full face shot. I can't wait until the next one, I'm hoping around 28-30 weeks, and hopefully he'll keep his arm down :)
    How far were u when u had ur's done?

  3. I had 3D done at 19wks and again at 31wks and both times he had his hand in the way.
    Even in all the 2D shots it took ages to get a shot with his arm out of the way and most of them have him with his hand on his head.