Monday, April 18, 2011

Bedroom make over - 30 minutes a day

Sam over at My endless to do's and Sherrie at Simple Living are doing a daily 30 minute cleaning/organising task in a room or area of their choice. Sam has chosen to do a different area each day, and spend 30 minutes getting it organised. Sherrie has chosen an area to focus on for the week.

I love both these ideas, but will also stick to one room for the week, as I've started so many things without finishing and would LOVE to actually get something completely finished.

So the area I have chosen for this task is the main bedroom. Why? It's an abdolute pigsty! There's garage sale stuff, stuff to be donated, baby stuff, boxes to be sorted through, things to be put away, things to be thrown away, things to be filed and a whole lot of other junk which needs to be organised!

When we bought this house, my mum and my sister did a wonderful job in decorating the room for us as a house warming/christmas gift, so when I look around and see this mess, I feel absolutely terrible in more ways then one.

Here's what seems to be the 'storage area' in our house.

I feel so ashamed about these photo's but I guess it's gonna keep me motivated to get rid of it all :)

Here's some more pics of the rest of the room.
Please note, the first pics were taken on Saturday and I have spent some time since then organising and cleaning it up.

Things I have done already are;

  • boxed up gifts
  • sorted all bubs clothes into plastic tub ready for soaking once it's time
  • boxed up easter eggs
  • bagged up stuff for Op Shop
  • boxed up all loose coat hangers
  • thrown out rubbish
I will do more posts as I go along.
I can't wait til this room is finally organised and (relatively) clutter free :)

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