Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 3 of Bedroom make over - 30 minutes a day

Today would probably have to be the day where I have made the most progress. I think I'll leave the pics til the end where we can see the end result :)

Today I have accomplished:

  • Threw out more rubbish
  • boxed up more things for garage sale and op shop
  • Removed all garage sale and op shop items from the room (will be going in garage)
  • sorted though the majorly over flowing box of cards that was stashed under the bed, into boxes for each child, hubby and I will share.
  • sorted through another box of 'stuff' and put in rightful home
  • stripped bed and changed sheets
  • found more of my friends baby shower pressies and placed with the rest (3 of my friends are preggers :))
  • rounded up linen and put back in linen closet
  • found more of bubs clothes and put away
  • recycled more paper
  • sorted out box which should be holding books, but instead had baby stuff like silver photo frames and the like. But now has books (We have no book case lol)
  • General tidy
  • Put clothes away
Apart from a few things I'm yet to find homes for, I'm almost done with this room. The main problem is all those silver baby things... I really need to get some shelves...

Once the room is nice and tidy, I want to give it a good wash over with sugar soap (walls, fans etc) as this is on my list of things to do before baby arrives, which you can view here

I hope everyone else is doing well with their organising :)

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